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Yes sir, we promised you a great main event...

Mick Foley comes out in his Santa outfit. Foley wishes the crowd a "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays." He admits that he's a Christmas fanatic, and says that he is to Christmas what Jim Ross is to BBQ sauce. Foley notes that Daniel Bryan will face Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight. He also says that there will be a battle royal tonight, with the winner getting whatever they want from Santa. Foley also said that he couldn't get rid of Michael Cole because of his contract, but he can make him dress anyway he wants. He then introduces Michael Cole, who comes out in a reindeer costume. Foley then introduces Booker T, who comes out dressed like Santa. Foley asks Booker T is he'll do a spinaroonie, and admitted that he's trying to redeem himself for the awful "This Is Your Life Skit" from a couple of weeks ago. Booker does the spinarooinie, and his hat and beard came off. Cody Rhodes' music hits.

Rhodes comes to the top of the stage and says that Foley and Booker are taking away time from people like him who can compete. Booker says that he has no beef with Rhodes, but he can handle his business in the ring. Rhodes mocks Booker for being an announcer, and says that he'll never be a champion again. Foley cuts him off, and says that he's talking about a legend and his friend, and makes a match between Rhodes and Booker for later tonight. Rhodes said he's looking forward to it, while Booker was a bit hesitant. Foley then announces a Divas match up next.

The Divas are in the ring, and Foley reveals that this is a mistletoe match and whomever retrieves the mistletoe on the pole, they will receive a future somethin' somethin' before X-mas. He hinted that it was a title match, but it's likely a kiss from Foley.

Mistletoe Divas Match

Brie Bella quickly retrieved the mistletoe to win the match. Foley said that that what the winner gets is the opportunity to kiss a Superstar of their choice between now and Christmas.

The Big Show - Mark Henry feud is recapped.

Justin Gabriel vs. Jinder Mahal

Mahal comes to the ring, and cuts a promo, saying that Christmas is what's wrong with this country, and that people buy gifts with money they don't have for people they don't like. Ted Dibiase comes out bearing gifts causing Mahal to get distracted. Gabriel then picked up with win with the 450 splash.

There is a Christmas party backstage. Foley is walking around and bumps into the Usos and Roddy Piper. Hornswoggle is backstage and is approached by Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes noted that there were some weird people here, and is then approached by Goldust. David Otunga also makes an appearance and makes an announcement that they can only play holiday music approved by the public domain, and then asks for the party to be shut down. Foley approaches Otunga and says that since he's here tonight, he's legally SmackDown talent, so he's putting him in a "Miracle of 34th street match" with Randy Orton.

The masked Kane promo aired.

They replay the Rhodes - Booker T angle from RAW a couple of weeks ago.

WWE '12 is plugged.

Matt Striker is backstage and asks Booker why Code Rhodes has a problem with him. Booker starts to answer, but is then ambushed by Rhodes, who attacks him the the IC belt and leaves him laying. Rhodes takes off as officials tend to Booker.

Back from break, and it's announced that the proposed Booker T - Rhodes match won't happen tonight due to the injuries suffered by Booker.

Kofi Kingston vs. Tyson Kidd

Kofi had Kidd down outside of the ring. Kofi then approached Michael Cole and talked about how ridiculous he looked. Rhodes recovered, and both men got back in the ring. Kofi put on Cole's reindeer hat and Rudolph nose and hit a flying crossbody (flying reindeer... get it?) from the top rope and got the win.

Backstage Christmas party. Hornwoggle is trying to put an ornament on the tree, and Kaitlyn tells him that he should ask Santa to be taller. Sheamus is talking to Teddy Long about the battle royal tonight when they are approached by Aksana. Sheamus takes off, and Long and Aksana engage in some suggestive talk. After eating some mistletoe, Aksana and Long walk off.

Randy Orton is shown walking backstage, his match with Otunga is next.

Miracle on 34th Street Fight
Randy Orton vs. David Otunga

During the match, Orton threw Otunga through some of the Christmas decorations around ringside, and even put a wreath around his neck and threw him into a corner. Later, Orton took the match to the stage and threw Otunga through some Christmas trees that were setup. Orton then hit a DDT on the floor. Orton was ambushed by Wade Barrett, who beat him up around the the ringside area before throwing him back in the ring. Otunga covered Orton and got a two count. Orton came back and pinned Otunga after hitting an RKO.

Backstage Long approaches Mark Henry. Henry is upset for being injured and having to defend the title. He said that he'll send Bryan a message tonight and give him the worst whoopin' that he's ever had in his life, and his dream will be his worst nightmare. He tells Long to get out of his face, and Long obliges.

A recap of Bryan's "title win" from last week is shown.

"All I Want For Christmas" Battle Royal

Hornswoggle is the last entrant introduced, and he hides under the ring. Match came down to Mahal, Reks, Sheamus, Slater and Hunico, and they took the match outside the ring, with the heels beating down Sheamus (Hornswoggle is still under the ring). The heels got back in the ring and remembered that Hornswoggle was under the ring. Mahal grabbed Horney and threw him in the ring. The heels bullied him for awhile, and went to toss him until Sheamus got back in the match to make the save.

Sheamus cleared the ring of the heels, leaving him and Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle was ready to fight, and Sheamus asked him to leave the ring. Hornswoggle refused and asked Sheamus to leave the ring. Hornswoggle started kicking Sheamus' shins, but Sheamus picked him up and tried to toss him over the top rope, but Hornswoggle wouldn't let go. Sheamus finally unhooked him and the two stood on the apron, and Sheamus told him to get out. Hornswoggle didn't want to, and asked Sheamus for a hug. Sheamus went to oblige, and Hornswoggle gave him a nudge and sent "The Celtic Warrior" to the floor to win the match.

After the match, Sheamus chased Horney in the ring and looked like he was going to attack him, but then smiled and the two celebrated.

A recap of the fatal four-way from last week is shown.

Backstage at the Christmas party and Foley, dressed like Santa, approaches Piper and Rhodes. Piper starts flipping out that Santa is there. Santa then goes to Hornswoggle and asks what he wants for his wish. He gives him a magical hug, and Hornswoggle starts talking. Hornswoggle is ecstatic that he's talking and runs off. Mick Foley comes in wearing his Cactus Jack gear and a tape recording says "It's a Chrsitmas miracle." Piper and Rhodes roll their eyes and walk off. That probably went over the heads of 95% of the audience.

Backstage, AJ wishes Bryan well in his match tonight and gives him a kiss. Bryan cuts a promo saying that his dream becomes a reality tonight.

WWE Championship Steel Cage Match
Mark Henry (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Henry sold the injured leg the entire match. Henry pinned Bryan clean after planting him with a WSS from the second rope.

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