As noted earlier this week, posted an article asking WWE to bring back "any" classic WWE title that's not the current "Spinner." The article has videos of previous designs from which to pick, and has comments from John Cena, The Miz and CM Punk.

"[The current title] is old and passé," said current title-holder Punk. "It's gaudy and ugly. It says 'Champ' instead of Champion! That's ridiculous. I need a dignified title, not a blinged out rapper accessory."

"I'd agree it needs to look less like a toy and more like a title," said the Miz. "When football players win the Super Bowl or basketball players win the NBA finals, you'll usually see one of the players sporting a championship from WWE. But, it's always the World Heavyweight Title. It doesn't take that much to figure out why that is."

Even John Cena agrees, writing on his Twitter last week, "I have thought that for three years. Either classic or new, it needs a change."

What do you think? Should WWE keep the current "Spinner Title" design, go back to the old WWE Championship design or come up with a new design altogether? Sound off below.

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