Combat Zone Wrestling, Big Japan Wrestling, Dynamic Dream Team, FREEDOMs, and Kaientai Dojo came together for 'International Indie Summit' yesterday, here are the results:

* DDT's Danshoku Dieno defeated CZW owner DJ Hyde

* CZW's Philly Most Wanted (Joker & BLK JEEZ) defeated FREEDOM's Kamui & CZW Heavyweight champion Devon Moore

* CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Sami Callihan retained his title against BJW's Yoshihito Sasaki

* Kudo defeated Masahiro Takanashi and Dick Togo in Togo last U.S. east coast appearance

* In a Shattered Dreams Match, BJW's Ryuji Ito & CZW's Danny Havoc defeated BJW's Jaki Numazawa & FREEDOM's "Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai

The main attraction of the international double header was 'Cage of Death 13,' here are the results:

* CZW Wired TV champion Jake Crist retained over Dave Crist

* In a Two-out-of-Three Falls, Intergender Tag Team Tables Match, BLK OUT (Ruckus, Alex Colon, & Chrissy Rivera w/ Robbie Mireno) defeated The Runaways (Joe Gacy, Ryan Slater, & Kimber Lee) two tables (Joe Gacy & Kimber Lee) to one (Chrissy Rivera)

* To name a #1 contender to the CZW World Heavyweight Title for February 11's '13 Anniversary', Drew Gulak beat out Ryan McBride, Derek Frazier, Dustin Rayz, tHURTeen, and Alex Payne. Note, after a dive to the outside Rayz broke his leg.

* In a Four Corners of Pane Match, Drake Younger pinned Rory Mondo

* Ryuji Ito, Sasaki Takashi, Mashimo Kengo, Danshoku Dieno & Kudo defeated Jun Kasai, Jaki Numazawa, Yoshihito Sasaki, Kamui & Masahiro Takanashi

* Philly's Most Wanted (BLK JEEZ & Joker) vs. Homicide & Eddie Kingston went to a no contest

* CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Sami Callihan retained over AR Fox

* In the Ultraviolent Thumbtack Pit & Nail Board Death Match Trial, Matt Tremont inadvertently defeated Danny Havoc after Drew Gulak & Mr. Tofiga interfered.

* In a match where Greg Excellent sets the stipulations, he beat CZW owner DJ Hyde...after former CZW owner ZANDIG returned to the Arena to make an assist. DJ Hyde must now "be like the genie from Aladdin" & grant Greg any three wishes of his choosing.

* In the main attraction, the Cage of Death match itself for the CZW World Heavyweight Title, champion Devon Moore retained over Scotty Vortekz, "Ego" Robert Anthony, and MASADA

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