WWE House Show Report From Yokohama, Japan (11/30 With Videos): Nash, Del Rio Vs. Punk & More

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WWE House Show Report From Yokohama, Japan (11/30 With Videos): Nash, Del Rio Vs. Punk & More
Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Rionne McAvoy for sending in these results and videos from WWE's house show in Yokohama, Japan on 11/30:

Santino vs. Drew McIntyre, who looked very sharp during the match, opened the show. Justin Roberts asked the crowd to join in with helping Santino to "warm up" by counting itch (one), ni (two), san (three) tino. The Japanese really got into it and when the bell rang, McIntyre pushed Santino to the ground a few times because Santino got up and did a small comedy routine (his strut, shaking his ass around as he walked as well and low standing sweep kicks) that had everyone in the arena laughing. They then went back and forth, with Santino actually picking McIntyre up and body slamming him. I think I was the only one in the arena who was surprised about that. After McIntyre threw some wild punches at Santino, who avoided them by doing the splits, Santino hit a diving head butt on McIntyre and eventually hit the Cobra for the win. McIntyre stormed off.

Primo came out next to face Alex Riley. Riley came out to a pretty good applause, and interacted with the crowd. He took someone's sign off them and into the ring, before giving to WWE security personnel who gave it back to the fan. Primo pulled off some great moves during the match, and Riley really didn't impress me much at all. In fact, it was pretty much Primo carrying the match, at one point even using Carlito's old finishing move but Riley caught him with his finisher and hit the 1-2-3 for the pin.

After the match, Jack Swagger came running out and blindsided Riley, stomping on him outside the ring. He then jumped in the ring and started doing his flying eagle impression, and then push-ups etc. He then said in Japanese that he was the No.1 foreigner and the crowd gave out a semi decent "What?" chant. Swagger than went on to say how he was the All American American and that no one could match him in the ring, offering an open challenger. It was accepted by Mason Ryan, who, after seeing him close up, is just a freak of nature. Swagger was clearly the ring general during the match, Ryan looks so green in the ring, but he got the win when he hit the full nelson buster and pinned Swagger. The crowd chanted U.S.A as Swagger was leaving, but he told them all to F&*$ off… quite funny. Interestingly enough, I got to talk to Swagger a little bit out back before the show, where he came to have a cigarette. Nice guy.

As soon Swagger went behind the curtain, Zigger's music hit and he came out. Kevin Nash followed him, and got a big pop. He acted like a face throughout the match and looked really sharp. Zack Ryder came out, followed by The Big Show, who was clearly having a ball being in the ring with Ryder and in front of the Japanese fans. You could barely wipe the smile off his face. The crowd chanted "Let's go, Ryder… WOO WOO WOO" right through the match.

Zigger and Ryder squared off first, but Ziggler played the heel role well and kept avoiding Ryder. After several minutes of jumping in and out of the ring, playing games and avoiding Ryder, big show made a chicken gesture and started squawking. The crowd picked up on it and started calling Ziggler a chicken. Ziggler copied Show's gesture and told the crowd that The Big Show was the chicken. Ryder and Ziggler ended up tagging in Show and Nash, and they had a nose to nose stare down in the middle of the ring. They locked up and show eventually pushed Nash to the ropes. Nash used the ropes to start stretching, before they locked up again. Show through Nash backed again and then bounced off the ropes and shoulder charged Nash, who took the bump very well. Nash moved great all night. Nash decided he had had enough and tagged in Ziggler, who didn't want to get in the ring. Big Show picked him up and threw him inside the ring and into the corner, where he started ass planting Ziggler. Ryder then got tagged and had the initial momentum before Ziggler turned it around and then tagged in Nash. Nash didn't stay in long, and another quick tag back to Ziggler saw him attempt a swinging neck breaker
but Ryder reversed it into a roll up pin and a near fall. Zigger got up and was able to reverese a Ryder attacked, before mocking Zack with a woo woo woo and fist pumps. He hit a neck breaker and went for the pin but Show came in and kicked Ziggler in the head, breaking up the count. After another tag in to Nash, and then back to Ziggler, Ryder gained the momentum and then tagged in Show, who worked Ziggler over. Ziggler tried a flying hammer fist off the top rope but Show caught him in a choke slam hold, but before he choke slam Ziggler, Nash came in for the save. Ryder then drop kicked Nash, and they both went to the outside. Show got up and knocked Ziggler out with a straight right that was dead on the money. Something big and white went flying out of Ziggler's mouth, it probably wasn't a tooth but damn looked like one. Show then pinned Ziggler and Ryder came back into the ring to celebrate.

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