WWE House Show Report From Yokohama, Japan (12/1 With Videos): Nash & Miz Vs. Cena & Big Show

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WWE House Show Report From Yokohama, Japan (12/1 With Videos): Nash & Miz Vs. Cena & Big Show
Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Rionne McAvoy for sending in these results and videos from WWE's house show in Yokohama, Japan on 12/1:

The opening bout was between Zack Ryder and Jack Swagger. Ryder again came out to big pops, the Japanese fans love him. They continually chanted "Let's go Ryder" throughout the match and were generally much more vocal overall than the night before. After a lot of back and forth, Swagger had Ryder down and tried splashing him from the top turn buckle, only for Ryder to get his feet up. Ryder then hit the Rough Rider for the win.

William Regal came out next, which was a pleasant surprise as he wasn't supposed to be on the card. Santino followed him out next, to BIG pops. Justin Roberts asked the crowd to join in with helping Santino to "warm up" by counting itch (one), ni (two), san (three) tino. The crowd kept the chant up right through the match. Both wrestlers really entertained the crowd with their antics, with Santino hitting the Cobra for the win.

Primo came out next to face Alex Riley again, a rematch from last night. Riley came out to a pretty good applause again, but it was pretty much a repeat of last night. Riley caught Primo with a spine buster and then his finisher and hit the 1-2-3 for the pin.

Dolph Ziggler came out next to face Drew McIntyre and Mason Ryan in a 3 way for the US strap. McIntyre came out after Ziggler but the audio crew messed up his music and when Drew came out, he let the audio crew know in no uncertain terms that he was pissed, even giving them a DX crotch chop. After continuing on his rant right until he got in the ring, Mason Ryan came out.

The match was mostly Ryan showing off his strength, particularly dominating McIntyre. The crowd kept chanting "USA" throughout the match, and were particularly behind Ziggler a lot. Ryan threw both Ziggler and McIntyre out of the ring then jumped on the top turn rope and started showing off his physique. Ziggler and McIntyre regrouped outside and decided to double team Ryan. Although initially successful, McIntyre turned on Ziggler and they went at it. McIntyre tried to throw Ziggler out of the ring, but he landed on the apron and shoulder charged Drew. Ziggler then jumped over the top rope from the outside and over McIntyre and tried to roll him up, but Drew held onto the ropes. With Ziggler on his back, and his head right under McIntyre's crotch, Ryan came over and grabbed Ziggler's feet and shot him up and into McIntyre's crutch area. McIntyre was able to stumble away and when Ryan went after Ziggler and threw him outside, McIntyre went to the drop rope and hit Ryan with a flying elbow. McIntyre went for his finisher but Ryan reversed it and hit a full nelson buster on McIntyre and went for the cover, but Ziggler, who was still outside the ring, slid in and knee chopped Ryan before quickly covering McIntyre for the win. After the match, Zack Ryder came running down and thew Ziggler into the ring, and Ryan hit a full nelson buster on him before celebrating with the crowd. Ryan left the ring, and at one stage picked up Dolph's US title and raised it in the air for the crowd. Ziggler left to "USA" chants, as he was helped to the back by a referee.

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