Source: ESPN

ESPN's Page 2 has an interview with Mick Foley about the new WWE '12 game. During the interview, Foley spoke about The Rock's return at the Survivor Series and how John Cena stands up with "The Great One."

Rock's return at Survivor Series: "He brought the electricity, no question about it. There was a part of me that was a little sad, to be honest, because prior to this match, his last match before this was at Madison Square Garden with me as his tag team partner. So it would've been a great claim to have been in The Rock's last match, but who knows, maybe there will be a true Rock and Sock reunion, and maybe it will end up being the last match for both of us."

If John Cena is on the same level as Rock: "Oh sure, yeah. John has been the face of the company for several years. Even if half the audience verbally dislikes him, the other half is still a larger number of fans than just about anybody in WWE history has been able to get. The thing about John is, he's a workhorse, and he's got such a great attitude. I'll tell you, that reaction he gets from the crowd, that would rattle anybody else in the business except him. The fact that he's able to roll with the punches and not take it personally is a pretty strong testament to the type of guy he is."

Foley also talked about Dolph Ziggler, one last match at WrestleMania and more, you can check out the full article by clicking here.

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