-- In an update to an earlier report we published this morning, The Iron Sheik Christmas card press release is a fake. We were notified by The Iron Sheik's representatives earlier this evening who told us this is a complete fraud. "BWF's claims to be his agent and management are completely false," they said. "BWF's claims regarding the Iron Sheik's Facebook and Twitter are completely false. The Iron Sheik's verified Facebook account is at this link, and his Twitter account, verified by his agent, family and his contracted employer the WWE is: twitter.com/the_ironsheik". We removed the article shortly after it was published, and sincerely apologize for the earlier error.

-- Shelly Martinez is offering a free 8x10 with every pre-order of a Martinez Girlz T-Shirt. To see the T-Shirts, which read #kayfabe, #FunTimeGang and #TheMartinezGirls, click here.

-- WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts says he will be making a big announcement this week, writing, "For my 1000th tweet, I'd like to announce... A big announcement this week right here on my Twitter... Stay tuned!"

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