'TNA Final Resolution' Results: Iron Man Match & More! Sound Off With Your Thoughts

RVD is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold. Daniels tries to keep the advantage, but RVD catches him with a big kick to the face. Van Dam peppers Daniels with a couple of rights before hitting a spinning kick in the corner, big clothesline, and a standing moonsault. RVD takes Daniels into the corner and buries his shoulder in Daniels' midsection before monkey flipping him out. RVD connects with rolling thunder for another two count.

Daniels begs off, and uses the distracting to send RVD into the corner, but when he sends RVD across the ring and charges after him, RVD connects with a big kick. RVD goes to the top but Daniels moves before he can hit the splash. Daniels connects with a big spear that's good for a near fall. Daniels continues the onslaught, trying to wear down RVD in the corner. Daniels puts RVD on the top turnbuckle and follows up after him. RVD fights him off and pushes Daniels down to the mat. RVD climbs up to the top and leaps off with the five star frog splash. RVD goes for the pin, and he's able to pick up the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

- Tenay and Taz talk amongst themselves about the big Jeff Jarrett/Jeff Hardy match coming up later tonight.


Mickie says she's heard people saying that they want to see Mickie James vs. Gail Kim, and they're going to get it tonight. She says there's no hiding behind skirts and jezebels. She says she was looking forward to seeing Gail come back, but she hasn't been too impressed with her since her return. She says they'll take it to the limit and see who's the better Knockouts Champion.

Television Championship
Robbie E (c) vs. Eric Young

Eric Young makes his way out to the ring to a decent pop for the first Championship match of the evening. The TV Champion, Robbie E. is the next man out to the ring, of course with Robbie T. in tow.

EY charges into the ring and right into Robbie, taking him down to the mat, then again with a Thesz press. Robbie sends EY into the corner and EY goes out to the apron. EY is able to take Robbie over the top rope and to the outside. EY, back in the ring, hits the ropes and launches himself through the ropes with a suicide dive out on to Robbie. Robbie T. is able to get in a distraction, allowing Robbie E. to come back to the outside and catch EY with a back elbow. Robbie sends Young back into the ring and tries to score a pin but he can't get more than two. Robbie mounts EY and lands a couple of right hands before getting back to his feet and stomping away, then punching at EY before trying for another pin.

Robbie goes up to the middle rope, pumps his fist, then hits what looks like a flying fist drop that's good for another two count. Robbie hits a modified side Russian leg sweep for another near fall before locking in a rear chin lock.

EY is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, but he's put right back down with a charging rear elbow. Robbie goes for another pin and gets another two count. Robbie locks in a rear chin lock to continue to try and wear down the challenger.

EY fights up to his feet and out of the hold again. Robbie hits him with a clubbing blow to the back before sending him into one turnbuckle, then across the ring into yet another. Robbie sends him across the ring again, but when he charges in, EY moves and launches himself at Robbie with a big flying forearm to the face. EY hits a back elbow, then a discus clothesline before slamming Robbie down to the mat hard. EY goes to the top and comes off with a Macho Man styles elbow drop that's good for a near fall of his own. EY charges Robbie in the corner and ends up back dropped to the apron again. EY goes to the top, but he's pulled down to the mat by Robbie for yet another near fall. Robbie calls out to Robbie T., who leaps up to the apron and begins arguing with the ref. While this is happening, both men go for and connect with clotheslines.

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