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Aries fights off Kash with a belly to back suplex. Aries goes to the top, but he's crotched by Kash. Kash pulls Aries down to the mat and goes to the top himself, but he too is crotched. Aries goes up to the top with Kash, but Kash fights back. Kash attempts a powerbomb from the top, but Aries is able to reverse it into a hurricarana is a really scary spot.

Both men are slow to get to their feet, and when they do they trade rights in the middle of the ring. Kash scores with some nasty chops that send Aries to his knees. Kash gets Aries in a double underhook, but Aries blocks it, hitting a shinbreaker/belly to back suplex combination. Aries goes for the dropkick in the corner, but Kash gets a boot up to stop him. Kash goes for the double underhook again, but Aries reverses. Aries avoids a splash in the corner. Aries pulls out a weapon, but the ref catches him. Kash also has weapon and he's caught. Aries grabs the belt and hands it to Kash, and it's promptly taken away by the ref. Aries uses the distraction to hit Kash with a brainbuster, and scores the three count for the win.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries

- We start to get the tale of the tape for the Knockouts Championship match, coming up next, but after a bit of technical difficulties, it goes back to Taz and Tenay, who throw it to the production truck one more time, which leads directly into the video package to hype Kim/James, which is coming up next.

Knockouts Championship Match
Mickie James vs. Gail Kim (c)

The bell rings and we get a lock up right away. Gail backs Mickie into the corner, but misses with a right, and eats a drop toe hold. Mickie locks in a rear chin lock, but Gail is able to fight it off. Gail wrenches at Mickie's arm, slamming her to the mat by her hair. Mickie blocks a couple of punches, then responds with one of her own, then a neckbreaker for a near fall. Kim catches James with a back elbow that drops her to the mat. Kim hits James with a big uppercut, but Mickie comes back with a snap mare, then a low dropkick to a seated Kim. Kim avoids a charging Mickie in the corner, but James is able to score with a couple of punches. James tries for a hurricarana, but Kim hits what almost looks like a reverse Alabama slam that stuns Mickie.

Kim hits a big leaping clothesline that puts Mickie down for another near fall. Gail mounts Mickie and hits her with a couple of forearms to the face before getting her up to her feet and hitting a big backbreaker. Kim tries for another but James counters into a roll up for two. Gail comes right back, putting Mickie down to the mat for a near fall of her own. Kim hits Mickie with a couple of nasty kicks to the stomach before wrenching away at the challengers knee. Kim locks in a modified Indian death lock, then changes it up into a stretch muffler, wearing James down. Mickie is able to fight out of the hold, scores with a couple of punches, but she's taken right back down by Kim. Kim chokes James against the middle rope before sending her across the ring. Kim charges James, but Mickes moves and Gail takes a nasty spill through the ropes to the floor.

Gail makes it back into the ring and Mickie hits a hurricarana, then a couple of quick clotheslines before taking Gail to the mat with a big flapjack. Mickie climbs up in the corner, but she's stopped by Kim. Gail makes her way up top with Mickie. Gail tries for a top rope hurricarana, but Mickie holds on to the ropes and Gail falls to the mat. Mickie hits a splash from the top for a two count. Mickie hits Gail with a dragon screw that sends the champ to the outside. Mickie invites her back into the ring, but Kim grabs her belts and heads back up the entrance ramp. Mickie stops her, brings her back to the ringside area, and sends her hard into the ring post.

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