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Angle wears Storm down, taking him down to the mat and yelling at Hebner to ask him if he gives up. Hebner raises Storm's hand and drops it down once, then again, but Storm's hand doesn't drop the third time. Storm fights up to his feet and elbows Kurt to the stomach, but eventually breaks the hold with a belly to back suplex. Both men are slow to get to their feet, and when they do they trade rights in the middle of the ring. Storm gets the advantage, taking Angle to the mat with a big clothesline, back elbow, then another clothesline. Storm catches an elbow to the face from Angle, but Storm responds with a codebreaker, then a backstabber, but it's not enough to keep Angle down for three.

Storm hits Angle with a big chop, then a right to the face, but Angle responds with a big release belly to back suplex that sends Storm sailing across the ring. Angle tries for another suplex, but Storm fights it off. Angle blocks a high knee, reversing it into an ankle lock. Storm is able to kick Angle away. Storm charges Angle into the corner and is backdropped to the apron. Storm catches Angle with a kick to the back of the head before coming back into the ring. Angle fights off Storm and is able to connect with a German suplex, holding on and connecting with a second, then a third. Angle goes for the cover but Storm is able to kick out at two.

Angle waits for Storm to get to his feet and tries for the Angle slam, but Storm reverses it. Storm is able to connect with the eye of the Storm, but when he goes for the pin, Angle kicks out at two. Storm heads out to the apron and goes up to the top. Angle tries to run up the ropes, but he's not quite able to make it. Angle pulls himself up and suplexes Storm from the top to the mat. Angle goes for the pin but he still can't get three. Angle pulls his straps down and tries for the Angle slam again, but Storm counters with an arm drag. Storm goes for the Last Call kick, but Angle grabs the leg and turns it into an ankle lock.

Storm is able to kick Angle away again, and avoids a charging Angle in the corner, who runs shoulder first into the ring post. Storm goes out to the apron, and drapes Angle across the middle rope in the corner, hitting a suspension DDT on the apron, and both men fall to the floor.

Storm sends Angle back into the ring, following slowly. Storm calls for the superkick, but when he goes for it Angle catches the foot, and hits an Angle slam instead but Storm still will not stay down for three. Angle looks frustrated, and he goes up to the top. Angle goes for a moonsault, but Storm rolls out of the way and Angle crashes down to the mat.

Storm looks to the crowd for support, and gets it. Storm connects with the Last Call superkick, and pins Angle for the three count.

Winner: James Storm

- Tenay and Taz talk amongst themselves about the results of the Storm/Angle match, and I'm guessing we'll get a bit of stalling for the next couple of minutes, as the steel cage is set up for Jarrett/Hardy.


JB is backstage with Karen and Jeff Jarrett. Jeff asks JB if he knows where he's been for the past three days. He says he's been on the TNA cruise, being a company man, and he gets a text message from Sting adding stipulations to the match tonight. He says he was sailing the seas with his bride, being company people, doing the jobs of others, and what do they get? They get an added stipulation. Jarrett says he's forgotten more about cage matches than Hardy knows. He says Hardy will think he's in his element, and that Hardy will ooze charisma in the cage, but Jarrett is going to wear Hardy down, and either pin him or submit him. Sting comes in from out of nowhere and says if Jarrett loses, one of them is fired. This prompts Karen to throw a tantrum, and leads into a video package highlighting the events that have transpired between Hardy and Jarrett over the last couple of weeks leading into this match.

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