Tenay and Taz talk amongst themselves about the results of the Storm/Angle match, and I'm guessing we'll get a bit of stalling for the next couple of minutes, as the steel cage is set up for Jarrett/Hardy.


JB is backstage with Karen and Jeff Jarrett. Jeff asks JB if he knows where he's been for the past three days. He says he's been on the TNA cruise, being a company man, and he gets a text message from Sting adding stipulations to the match tonight. He says he was sailing the seas with his bride, being company people, doing the jobs of others, and what do they get? They get an added stipulation. Jarrett says he's forgotten more about cage matches than Hardy knows. He says Hardy will think he's in his element, and that Hardy will ooze charisma in the cage, but Jarrett is going to wear Hardy down, and either pin him or submit him. Sting comes in from out of nowhere and says if Jarrett loses, one of them is fired. This prompts Karen to throw a tantrum, and leads into a video package highlighting the events that have transpired between Hardy and Jarrett over the last couple of weeks leading into this match.

Steel Cage Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy
(Karen Jarrett will be handcuffed to Sting at ringside)

Back in the Impact Zone and it looks like we're finally ready to being. Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the ring first, with Karen in tow, to a bit of heat from the crowd. Jeff Hardy is out next, and he gets a big pop from the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring in a goofy gladiator/ram/something weird helmet.

Before the match begins, Sting makes his way out to the ringside area with a pair of handcuffs in hand. Sting already has the handcuffs locked around his own wrist. Jarrett grabs a chair, but it's taken away from him by the referee. Karen looks absolutely distraught. Sting throws Jarrett into the cage, then handcuffs himself to Karen.

The bell rings, and it looks like we're ready to begin. Jarrett locks in a headlock, but he's pushed away by Hardy. Jarrett hits a shoulderblock before trying to roll Hardy up right away. Jarrett goes for another roll up, but Hardy responds with a dropkick to the face, then a leg drop to the lower midsection.

Jarrett goes to talk to Sting and Karen, and Hardy goes to escape in the corner. Jarrett catches him, but Hardy pushes him back into the ring and comes off the top rope with a double sledge. Hardy slams Jarrett twice into the walls of the cage before kicking away at Jarrett. Hardy tries for the twist of fate, but Jarrett avoids it, takes Hardy down to the mat, and locks in the figure four.

Hardy is able to turn the hold over, putting the pressure on Jarrett, but Jarrett gets a rope break. Jarrett kicks away at Hardy before sending him running head first into the cage wall. Jarrett picks Hardy up to his feet and sends him into the cage wall again. Jarrett begins the climb in the corner. Hardy gets to his feet and catches Jarrett. Jarrett kicks Hardy away to the mat, then leaps off with a double ax handle smash to Hardy's back. Jarrett tries to escape again, but Hardy pulls him down, crotching him on the top rope. Hardy tries to escape, but Jarrett grabs his foot. Hardy kicks Jarrett away, and splashes him from the top rope for a two count.

Both men make their way to their feet and begin trading rights in the middle of the ring. Hardy gets the upper hand, sending Jarrett to the mat with a couple of running forearms. Hardy sends Jarrett into the corner, but misses with the splash. Hardy connects with the twist of fate. Hardy avoids escaping, instead climbing up in the corner. Hardy jumps down from the corner and hits Jarrett with a second twist of fate. Hardy climbs up to the top of the cage, but he stops himself, standing up on the corner of the cage. Hardy tries for the swanton from the top, but Jarrett moves and Hardy crashes to the mat.

Jarrett is right next to the cage door, and he tries to crawl out, but Hardy has him by the foot and he drags him back into the cage. Jarrett connects with an enzugiri, then hits Hardy with the stroke. Jarrett crawls toward the cage door again. Jarrett makes his way halfway through the ropes, but Hardy pulls him back into the ring again. Hardy goes to escape, but Jarrett won't let him. Hardy uses to the of the cage door to pull himself up, and kick Jarrett hard, sending both men crashing back into the ring. Hardy climbs for the cage door, but Jarrett pushes the ref into Hardy. Hardy crashes into the cage door, which crashes into Sting. Karen gets the handcuff key from Sting and frees herself, slamming the cage door into Hardy's head. Jarrett goes for the pin, but Hardy kicks out at two. Karen tries to hand Jarrett a guitar, but she's stopped by Sting. Hardy pulls Jarrett back and hits the twist of fate again, pinning Jarrett and scoring the three count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Following the match, Sting makes his way back into the ring to raise the hand of Jeff Hardy. This victory means we'll be seeing Hardy in the TNA World Championship match next month at Genesis. Sting grabs a mic and says that four days from now, on Impact, someone's getting FIRED!

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