Source: JR's BBQ

As noted earlier, Jim Ross has his latest blog up. Here are some highlights:

If Batista and Chris Jericho have wrestled their last matches in WWE: "No...but that may simply be my personal, wishful thinking. Few performers want to walk away when there's gas left in the tank and with good paydays to be earned. Plus, being on WWE TV is a global marketing tool that furthers other endeavors. Just my two cents and, again, because I like both men's work it may be simply wishful thinking on my part."

If Sting would ever wrestle in WWE: "I don't think that Sting will ever wrestle in WWE but I do think that he will be inducted into the WWE HOF some day when he hangs it up."

On John Morrison leaving WWE: "I'm not bothered by John Morrison leaving WWE and choosing to step away from the day to day rigors of the business to allow his body to heal and to recharge his creative batteries. No one can predict when Morrison will return to the ring but I suspect it will be serveral months. I think stepping away from weekly travel in a demanding business that has no off season is a wise thing to do if one has the ability to do so especially if one has had injury issues. John is still a young guy and I will be surpised if he doesn't return to WWE better than ever and in a much better position."

Zack Ryder's recent success: "Enjoying seeing hard working Zack Ryder start to get more TV time. However, the issue of over exposure for fickle, TV viewers always exists. Hopefully, other WWE talents who are unhappy with where they are currently positioned will be as aggressive as Ryder in changing their own, professional perception."

You can check out the full blog entry by clicking here.

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