Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video
Yes sir, we promised you a great main event...

A montage of some of the top moments of the year were shown, hyping tonight's Slammy Awards.

The "I did not just see that moment of the year" is up first. Booker T and Hornswoggle, now with an afro, are out to present. Hornswoggle says he's excited to see Booker T beat down Cody Rhodes this Sunday. Here are the nominees:

I Did Not Just See That Moment Of The Year
1) Jim Ross (dancing during the Michael Cole challenge)
2) Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble
3) Santino Marella almost winning the Royal Rumble
4) A kid nailing R-Truth with a soda
5) The Miz's Rock impersonation

The winner is: Jim Ross

JR comes out to accept his award. He's surprised at winning the award, but it interrupted by Michael Cole. Cole said that the show is already a sham, and that he win the award for a dance contest that was rigged. Cole made some jokes about JR's weight. Booker T calls Cole a loser, and bets that Ross can beat Cole in a rap-off. Ugh. Ross headed to the ring for the contest.

Cole starts overacting and does his rap. Lame stuff, as you'd expect. Booker T called it the worst rap he'd ever heard and hands it over to JR, who said that he didn't need any music. Ross seemed to be forgetting his lines, and finishes by telling Cole that he can kiss his a--. Ross was even worse than Cole. Of course, the crowd voted for JR. Cole showed the Slammy off to Cole and then started to leave the ring, before he was stopped by Booker T. The crowd sounds like they just want the segment to end. Booker wants JR to deliver a "JR-roonie." Booker T shows his spinaroonie first. Booker then leads the crowd into chanting for JR, who did the worst spinaroonie that I've ever seen. He just looked like he was falling backward. I hope Vince is done humiliating JR for the year, but there are two more episodes left.

Mick Foley is shown walking in the back, he's presenting the next award.

Mick Foley and "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase are out to present the next award for "Holy [bleep] moment of the year." Foley said that he knows why he's here with the crazy bumps he's taken, but he's not sure why he's paired with Dibiase. Dibiase noted that he's a minister, and Foley noted that Dibiase is the "holy" part of the award, while Foley is the bleep. Here are the nominees:

Holy [bleep] Moment Of The Year
1) Sheamus powerbombing Sin Cara through a ladder
2) Randy Orton hitting Christian with an RKO onto the steel steps
3) The Mark Henry - Big Show superplex that collapsed the ring
4) Evan Bourne hitting Air-Bourne from the top of a ladder.

The winners are: Big Show and Mark Henry.

Big Show comes out to accept the award. Show thanks the academy, and says that the World championship will look great with the Slammy. He then said that he's up next and we're off to our first match.

Big Show's beat down on Henry from SmackDown is shown.

The Big Show vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett cut a promo heading to the ring, saying that Show better hope that he doesn't win the title or he'll have to face him. Barrett introduced a chair in the match, getting disqualified in the process. Show punched the chair, and Barrett high-tailed to the back. Show celebrated in the ring and then headed to the back.

A TLC promo aired.

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