As noted earlier, Bret Hart recently spoke with Vezzy Parmesan of the Hot 106 "Rise and Grind Morning Show" in Providence, Rhode Island about the current WWE product and what he thinks the problem is. Here are some highlights:

On the current talent roster: "I think the wrestlers that out there today are excellent. Some are as good as they've every been. I don't have any issues with the wrestlers of today. But, I will say that they all look cookie-cutter and look the same. I really wish they would just get a King Kong Bundy here and there to change it up."

On where the problem lies: "I think the problem isn't the wrestlers, it's the office. It's the directors of the wrestlers. They're not doing a good enough job - I don't think they understand the talent they have. Sometimes I can pull my hair out watching the TV going, 'Geez, they have so much great talent, but the shows are the same every week. I'm so sick of all the characters they got.'"

On WWE not being proactive: "Some of them (wrestlers) are great, but the wrestling industry, which is basically WWE, is waiting for the next guy to pull the sword out of the stone...They're waiting for the next big Superstar. I don't know who he is, but he's out there. He might be some guy at a wrestling school right now hoping he's going to make it. Somebody's got to come along. Somebody always does. It could be another five years. Wrestling needs a new star; somebody with a new gimmick."

Once again, here is the full video of the interview:

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