Source: JR's BBQ

As noted yesterday, Jim Ross has a new blog up, here are some more highlights:

On Working For WWE: "We get lots of Twitter questions on how can folks work for WWE. Rarely does anyone say what role it is that they are seeking but I assume as a wrestler. I also assume these questions come from guys who are still teens and are living at home with their folks. For the record, I think that it is easier to make it on a NFL roster than to become a Wrestlemania level, main eventer in WWE. So, that's why I always encourage wannabe wrestlers to have a back up play IE a college degree or another, established skill set. Getting fundementally sound training by a legit coach is imperative as is getting plenty of low paying, independent wrestling gigs. For wannabe executives, etc, if you're not smart enough to figure out how to apply for a job via WWE Human Resoruces then your chances of being hired aren't too good."

On Comparing Michael Cole to Bobby Heenan: "Is it fair to compare Michael Cole to Bobby Heenan? Obviously, hell no. Cole is still somewhat new in his current role. Heenan had years to master his spiel and to refine his craft. Plus, Bobby Heenan was the most all around talented performer ever in the business when one considers wrestling, managing, and commentary. Being a great, wrestling villain is an acquired skill and a true art form. Heenan was a genius and influenced many ala Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman, among others. Heenan was a product of a variety of wrestling territories plus the bottom line is that Bobby Heenan was simply a naturally gifted, entertaining, talent."

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