-- As noted earlier, we have launched our Google+ brand page. We will be adding tons of cool content to it over the coming weeks. Check it out and give it a +1 by clicking here. Also, we have posted a cool video that a fan made for us in the '90s of WrestlingINC.com signs popping up on Monday Nitro (man, we've been around a long time), you can check it out on our Google+ page at this link.

-- Also, as noted earlier, we had removed our Forums awhile back in order to push our Comments system. Now that the Comments section has become very popular, we have decided to bring back our forums. Check them out and register by clicking here. We will be announcing a contest this weekend where forum members can win a copy of WWE '12, so make sure you register today at forums.wrestlinginc.com.

-- We are also looking for moderators for the forums, if you are interested please contact us by clicking here. Please send your username on the forums when contacting us, once again, you can register by clicking here.

-- We have also started a thread about a John Cena heel turn. One thing that most fans seem to agree on is that a John Cena heel turn is way overdo. How would you handle a Cena heel turn? Would you just have him turn heel until after WrestleMania? Or keep him heel long-term? Is it foolish to turn him at all? Let us know in our forums by clicking here.

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