Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Yes sir, we promised you a great main event...

RAW opens with a drumroll and CM Punk revealing the winner of the WWE Championship match at TLC last night. After announcing himself as the winner, his music hit and he went to the ring.

Punk enters the ring to cut a promo and noted that despite everything, he managed to retain the WWE title. Punk then revealed that Zack Ryder won the U.S. Championship, and Ryder came to the ring. Ryder is very over, and they're now selling foam fist pump hands. Punk then said that he's saving the biggest result for last, and then revealed that Daniel Bryan left TLC with the World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan entered the ring and hugged Punk. Punk said that he figured that the Philly crowd would appreciate this, since it's a city with such rich pro wrestling history.

Punk went on to ask, who would have thought that he and Bryan would be World champs, not taking anything away from Ryder. Punk said that tonight's about Ryder and Bryan, would eat and sleep wrestling. Punk handed the mic to Ryder, who said that he couldn't believe that he was the U.S. Champion

Bryan took the mic and got a nice pop, mixed in with a few boos. Bryan talked about how people never thought he should be in WWE, much less be champion. Bryan is quickly interrupted by The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio, who walk out on stage. The three of them then head to the ring, but are kept at bad by the babyfaces. Ryder dives out of the ring onto Ziggler, and then is thrown into the steps by Del Rio and Miz. A brawl breaks out, and John Laurinaitis comes out to break it up. Laurinaitis said that he has decided tonight's main event, which will be Miz, Ziggler and Del Rio vs. Punk, Bryan and Ryder in a six-man tag team match and for everyone to consider it a Christmas present. Laurinaitis then thanks everyone and wishes them a Merry Christmas.

Kane returns tonight, and John Cena will speak out later in the show.

Randy Orton and Wade Barrett are shown in the back heading to the ring, they will square off next.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Orton defeated Barrett by disqualification after Barrett poked Orton in the eye. After the match, Barrett put a beat down on Orton. Barrett hit Orton with a side slam and then brought a table into the ring. Barrett then planted Orton with the Wasteland through the table.

During the match, a link for the latest 1/2/12 promo aired that finishes with the word "Prophetless", it's below:

The Triple H - Kevin Nash match at TLC last night is recapped. They show a pic of Nash being stretchered out, and Michael Cole noted that Nash suffered a nasal fracture and will be out for at least six weeks. Jerry Lawler said that he'd be surprised if we ever saw Nash again.

Alicia Fox and Beth Phoenix are heading to the ring, they will square off next.

A recap of Kelly Kelly slapping Phoenix last week at the Slammy's is shown.

Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix

Fox is trending worldwide. Fox hit a cartwheel/leg drop to pin the Diva's champion clean. Fox then took the mic and said that she hoped that everyone has a "Foxy" holiday.

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