Source: The New York Post

The New York Post has an interview up with Mick Foley. Here are some highlights, you can check out the full interview at this link.

On Tribute to the Troops: "The guys and women appreciate that we get out there to the forward operating bases that the other entertainers don't get to. One guy had a great quote 'These other guys, they only go to country clubs, they go to Anaconda. Only WWE has the blank to come out on the front lines.

"It's good to see first-hand the sacrifices, it brings the action home in a way that reading about it or hearing about it in the news does not I think everyone should have the opportunity."

On Punk not being the "ace" despite being champion, similar to when Foley was champion: "There are some [similarities], but I would say that he's more valuable to the company than I ever was. I always thought of myself as something of a supporting player, albeit a good one. He's a main event superstar and has really caught fire in a way that not many people have."

Zack Ryder: "I do [root for him]. I called in a big favor and Zack helped me out with a fundraiser for a group that I did called Holiday Magic. I'm indebted to Zack for helping me. I love the idea that it's happening so fast, it's like a rocket ride and it's gaining momentum. Even people who weren't in on the YouTube phenomenon are seeing this really colorful, really talented character who is absorbing it all and having the time of his life. I'm a Broski, I'm not ashamed to admit it."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.

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