As noted earlier, Jim Ross posted his latest blog, you can check out more highlights below:

Masked Kane vs. Unmasked Kane: "Yes, I personally prefer the masked Kane versus the unmasked version strictly speaking as a fan. Still get feedback from the Oliver Stone's of the mat world that swear this Kane is an entirely new guy in Kane attire. That would be inaccurate, by the way, but those so inclined should believe as they choose. I like the leaner, quicker Kane who is still a massive human being. Without question, Kane has had a WWE HOF career."

The 1/2/12 Vignettes: "Regarding the 1/2/12 vignettes that have been airing, I have no firm idea on who these well produced/written vignettes are for but I have my suspicions. Again, if I truly knew, why would I spoil the surprise? Doing these types of vignettes always builds anticipation in a big way with many fans which is why I think that they should be used more frequently."

Lesnar vs. Overeem: "Hopefully someone has told Brock Lesnar that he cannot beat Alistar Overeem by standing in front of the slugger with deadly knees. It's a simple strategy, destroy the slugger's vertical base with wrestling and then ground and pound a victory for the former, WWE Champion. I still have Lesnar winning by stoppage in round two."

Austin vs. Goldberg: "Will we ever see an Austin vs. Goldberg match? Highly Unlikely as Gorilla Monsoon would say. In other words, NO, in my opinion."

Much more is contained in Ross' latest blog, you can check it out at this link.

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