Source: Martin Bradley and Pwinsider

Special referee Madison Rayne comes out and brings Tara and Miss Tessmacher to the ring. Madison sets up Tara vs. Tessmacher for tonight.

Miss Tessmacher and Tara wrestle a long, drawn out match with Madison as the referee. They turn on her, lay her out and do the Tim Tebow pose in the ring.

Eric Young and ODB beat Shannon Moore and Anarquia in the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament. Young and ODB got the win after Moore walked out on his partner.

A.J. Styles and Kazarian defeated Rob Van Dam and Christopher Daniels in a Wild Card Tournament Match when Kazarian pinned Daniels after hitting Fade to Black. During the match, Van Dam kicked Daniels and that led to the finish of the match.

Tony Neese defeated Zema Ion with a rollup in the second match of their Best of Three Series to tie it at one victory each. Ion appeared to have the match won but he got too cocky with the cover and that allowed Neese to get the win.

James Storm came to the ring to talk about Kurt Angle. Storm tells Angle that there are two places where Kurt can find him: either with the fans or at a bar. Storm talks about how their match was like a football game.

They show a video of Kurt Angle in Leathersport, Tennessee. Angle is dressed like a cowboy. Angle spits beer in a waitress' face and told Storm where he would be. He also told Storm 'Sorry about your damn luck'.

Bobby Roode and Bully Ray come to the ring and Roode talks about how he loves this time of year and he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Roode says that he hopes that everyone loves the Christmas gift that him and Ray gave last week.

Roode wants Sting to come to the ring so Sting can suspend him. Instead of Sting, Jeff Hardy comes to the ring but he does not go into the ring with Ray and Roode. Jeff says that it isn't about Roode and Sting, but it is about him and Roode. There will be no suspension because Hardy says that he will win the title in three weeks at Genesis. Hardy tells Roode and Ray that they will be facing Jeff and a partner of his choice in a tag match.

Hardy's tag team partner comes out and it is Sting, dressed in the face paint. Sting says that Hardy is loved all over the world and it would be an honor to be Hardy's partner.

They show more footage of Kurt Angle at the bar in Tennessee and he attacks more people and he drops a Christmas tree on those people.

Jeff Hardy and Sting defeat Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Roode and Bully Ray in a Street Fight when Hardy pinned Roode after hitting a splash from the top rope through a table.

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