Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- As you know by now, Linda McMahon is gunning for a second run at a United States Senate seat. With that being said, the former WWE CEO is once again distancing herself from WWE. Unlike last time, she is also trying to distance herself from the "McMahon" name. Her current campaign is using a "Vote Linda" slogan without mentioning "McMahon". Linda is also raising funds from supporters this time around instead of using her own money.

-- John Cena recently noted on Twitter that he wanted to make the "Cena Sucks" t-shirts back in 2008 and claims he is not bothered by them. Of course, Cena will get royalties from every "Cena Sucks' t-shirt sold so it's a win/win situation for him. As noted earlier this week, a member of our newly added forums posted a picture of the shirt at this link. You can check it out below. You can check out the thread about the shirt on our Forums by clicking here.

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