Slow News Day Re-Post: Chyna Talks Confronting Stephanie McMahon About HHH Affair, Vince's Reaction

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Chyna: Yes, and I want to honestly tell you - it's not hard to find my phone number. Nobody ever called me in 11 years. I get the phone call from Vince Russo. He was like, "Hey, what's up? Would you be interested in coming back?" I was like, "Sure, let's talk." The next day I was on a plane. I was looking good, feeling good and I think everybody was just like blank stares and it was very bizarre. I don't know if they were expecting desperation. I didn't know what was going on. It was great to see the boys, I was happy and then I never heard from them again. Now that your movie career is going and everything - is that something that you don't really see a return to or is it a possibility?

Chyna: Of course I believe it's a possibility. That's why I wrote the letter. I don't personally think it's going to happen. [Regarding returning to TNA earlier this year] Eric Bischoff made executive comments about me; it did hurt my feelings because I love Dixie Carter. She's an amazing, really strong woman. It was so cool to see the boys and even the ones I didn't know… It made me feel incredible because they were like, "Chyna!" I was like, "Wow, this is so awesome." It was by far not a negative experience. It was great. I hope they're thinking about bringing me back. Do you think it's just strictly the porn career that's gave TNA qualms about signing you to a contract?

Chyna: No, I don't. The boys, we come from a three ring circus, all over the world doing all kinds of stuff. We've all had issues. I feel a porn video is a gold egg, and like I said, it's not something I'm ashamed of. It has nothing to do with my wrestling career unless they want it. It has nothing to do with my wrestling. I don't think… nobody knew I was doing porn, anyway, until it got leaked and that was like a month later. Never did Dixie or Vince Russo or anybody say anything. It wasn't a choice. Nobody came to me and said, "Wow, this porn is coming up. Do you want to do porn or do you want to do wrestling?" It just wasn't a factor, you know? I liked it there. It was a really good experience and I'd like for them to have me back. Do you still watch wrestling at all?

Chyna: I always say, "I'm not going to." For the first time in life I can't support it. I like "Hells' Kitchen," "The Bachelorette." I went to a Vegas party with the Bachelorette girls. I won't turn on wrestling. Why should I support that? With "Back Door to Chyna" - how do you feel it came out?

Chyna: Wonderful, really good, loved it. I love it. I get to do my movies. I get to do the whole glamour thing, hot, sexy. I fully intend to explore my sexuality and it gives me a platform to do that. It's honest and open and the only person who can judge you is you and God. I love it. I feel it's been incredibly liberating and very female empowering, and the guys are smoking hot also. Do you have plans to make more movies?

Chyna: I film in two weeks. Since the letter I said, "Okay. This is officially going to bench me." So we're doing a wrestling one, "Ring Queen." In addition to making movies, what are some other subjects and pastimes that interest you?

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