Slow News Day Re-Post: Chyna Talks Confronting Stephanie McMahon About HHH Affair, Vince's Reaction

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Chyna: I love to read. Two weeks ago I moved to Venice Beach. It was always my goal to get to the water. I go out in the morning. I go out in the morning, first thing at 6 AM, and I sit and watch the stars. I go back and then at 6 PM I go back out again. It's funny because I feel like I'm all alone on the beach. It's like after everything, I have arrived. So are you single right now?

Chyna: I am single. What qualities do you look for in a guy?

Chyna: I want somebody smart, intelligent. Somebody that's a success but also fan of mine, like all about me, but realize I'm still a girl, I'm still a person so you develop that personal relationship besides the fame. It's hard. I find that usually it's older men or established men that I know that I think that's what will probably happen. I'm very well surrounded. Great, there are a lot of fans of yours on our site. Do you have any final comments for them?

Chyna: I don't know what to say. I haven't done a media tour like this since my wrestling days. I was a bit insecure. I'm still Chyna but since I didn't have that wrestling vehicle, it was really hard for me to step. And having all the fans support me and love me without having that vehicle. I'm like, "What? It's not wrestling," and they're still there so I'm like, "Wow. They're still here."That's amazing, that's incredible.

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