As I See It: ECW Arena Memories, Part 2

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This led to a CZW-ROH match at the March 2006 Arena show: Austin Aries/Roderick Strong/Matt Sydal defeating Ruckus/Eddie Kingston/Necro Butcher

BOTB featured Ring of Honor talent including Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal, Austin Aries, plus B-Boy, Jigsaw, Roderick Strong, Claudio Castagnoli, Jay Lethal, Sabian, Sonjay Dutt, Ruckus, Derek Frazier

The program led to the only Cage of Death not to take place at a CZW show in July 2006 at Ring of Honor's Death before Dishonor IV at the Northeast Armory in Philadelphia, PA with CZW's team consisting of Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Necro Butcher, Nate Webb and Eddie Kingston putting over Ring of Honor's team of Samoa Joe, BJ Whitmer, Adam Pearce, Ace Steel and Homicide.

Cage of Death 8 saw Nick Gage defeating John Zandig and Lobo and LuFisto


April 7, 2007 saw one of the more controversial moment among CZW fans as Eddie Kingston defeated Chris Hero in a tremendous Loser Leaves CZW match, only for Zandig to fire Kingston after a personal blowup, creating a bigtime backlash among many of the more hardcore fans of the promotion.

Best of the Best 7 saw Joker winning Best of The Best in a tournament with Human Tornado, Ruckus, Ricochet, Chuck Taylor, B-Boy, Cheech, Ricky Reyes, Sal Thomaselli, Jigsaw, Grim Reefer, Scotty Vortek, Cloudy, Brandon Thomaselli, Vito Thomaselli, Joker, and Drake Younger

August saw Drake Younger vs. Brain Damage end in a double pin draw in an UltraViolent "Barbed-Wire Board, Panes of Glass, Carpet Strips, Falls Count Anywhere" match.

Danny Havoc was the "sole survivor" of Cage of Death in a match that saw his team of Necro Butcher/Toby Klein/Drake Younger/Danny Havoc defeat Brain Damage/DJ Hyde/Dustin Lee/Scotty Vortekz in the Cage of Death.

In December, Cage of Death saw Scott Franklin, Darren Aronofsky and Mickey Rourke visiting CZW's Cage of Death IX in December, liking what they saw, and committed to the venue for taping of "The Wrestler"


January saw CZW World Heavyweight Title Nick Gage defeated Danny Havoc, Ruckus, Drake Younger, Devon Moore and the returning Eddie Kingston in a 6-way Ultraviolent Rules Match to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Title

The Wrestler, featuring Mickey Rourke got the most positive attention of any wrestling-themed film in US history, with the fictional story of wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson (portrayed by Mickey Rourke) set as famous in the 1980s, now working diferent indies for small payoffs. Filming took place at the February 2008 Arena house show, including a scene featuring The Necro Butcher, who wrestled "The Ram" in a "hardcore match". The fans didn't react very well to being a cast of a movie, but the footage that later appeared in the movie worked out well.

Sabian won best of The Best 8 over LuFisto, Josh Prohibition, Scotty Vortekz, Drew Gulak, Pinkie Sanchez, Spyral BKNY, Sabian, Drake Younger, Bruce Maxwell, T.J. Cannon, Chuck Taylor, Ricochet, and Stupefied i

Cage of Death 10 saw Devon Moore vs. Sami Callihan vs. Drake Younger vs. Danny Havoc vs. Zandig vs. Brain Damage in a Cage of Death. 2008's edition saw a double cage structure with a cage inside a cage. Cage one a roof made up of a barbed wire spider net and a scaffold on top of the Cage of Death. Surrounding the Cage that surrounded the ring was a platform surrounding that with tables, chairs, lemon juice, salt, sheets of auto glass enclosed by the second cage.


February 2009 saw Drake Younger defeat Eddie Kingston in a No Rope Barbed Wire Death match to retain the CZW World Heavyweight title.

Best of the Best 9 featured B-Boy, Ryan McBride, Carter Gray, Scotty Vortekz, Sami Callihan, Greg Excellent, Devon Moore, Pinkie Sanchez, Shiima Xion, Sabian, Ego Fantastico, Drew Blood, with Robert "Ego Fantastico" Anthony defeating Sami Callihan in the Finals to win the Best of the Best 9 Tournament..
Cage of Death 11 saw Sami Callihan defeat Danny Havoc Cage of Death

Cage of Death 11 with Sami Callihan defeating Danny Havoc, was demented as ever with two traditional Cage Of Deathcage walls, and two Caribbean spiderweb barbed wire walls that are hangin off at a 45 degree angle with panes of glass on both sides, a scaffold with a hole in the middle with two panes of glass underneath, then four panes of glass on the front of the scaffold and barbed wire at the back and another pane of glass in three corners.


March 2010 saw J.C. Bailey defeat Thumbtack Jack in a Barefoot Thumbtacks Death match.

June 2010 saw another tragedy as Trent Acid died. July saw a Trent Acid Memorial show that raised $7500 for the family and funeral expenses.

August saw D.J. Hyde and Greg Excellent defeat Sami Callihan and Joe Gacy in a Tangled Web Deathmatch

Cage of Death 12 saw Philly's Most Wanted (Joker and Sabian) defeating The Osirian Portal to win the vacant CZW Tag Team Championships. The Portal goes back up and hit a double team splash/legdrop onto Joker, but even after the hypnotizing and the top rope trauma, they only get 2. Joker finally "comes out of it", ballshots Amasis, then in a classic lucha finish, Sabian pulled off Ophidian's mask off and cradles him for the pinfall. The CZW Heavyweight Championship Match saw Jon Moxley retained his CZW Heavyweight Championship over Homicide.

CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship Match saw Yuko Miyamoto defeat Hardcore Nick Gage (with Dewey Donovan) to win the CZW Ultraviolent Underground title after an unbelievable Miyamoto moonsault off of a HIGH ladder, that saw him hanging onto the Arena's rafters to steady himself. This included a barbed wire fence set up as a bridge between the ring and the guardrail. Eventually, Miyamoto goes up to the top and elbowdrops onto Gage and the barbed wire fence, with the structure collapsing. Later, Miyamoto and Gage brawl into the crowd, the men's room, the merchandise tables, and finally brawling into the VIP section (the old ECW Arena stage area) . Gage tosses Miyamoto off the balcony through a table conveniently below. More toys including a wffleball bat covered with thumbtacks, then a barbed wire bat get used by Gage on Miyamoto ead, Crippler Crossface style, then hangs Miyamoto over the second rope and does it again. The finish sees Miyamoto nail Gage with a ladder via a baseball, hit Gage with a plancha followed by a nearfall. Miyamoto rolls Gage back into the ring for anotehr nearfall, then plows Gage again runs him over with a clothesline followed by a sitout Tombstone in the middle of the ring for one final nearfall. Miyamoto then picks up a giant ladder, sets it up in the corner and climbs the ladder that reaches nearly to the top of the arena and moonsaults off of it, landing with his knees on Gage's head and chest and takes the pinfall.

The Cage of Death match saw the Suicide Kings (Danny Havoc/Devon Moore/Dysfunction/Scotty Vortekz) defeating Cult Fiction (Brain Damage/Drake Younger/MASADA/tHURTeen, with Halfbreed Billy Gram) in a four-on-four Cage of Death with Wargames rules, with eliminations when a wrestler hit the floor.


On what may well be the final Cage of Death in the ECW Arena, the day started with a Japanese independent show in the afternoon featuring CZW, Big Japan Pro Wrestling DDT, K-Dojo, and FREEDOMS presented the International Indie Summit at the historic ECW Arena.

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