As I See It: ECW Arena Memories, Part 2

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The afternoon show saw DDT's Danshuku Dino defeated DJ Hyde with the Danshuku Driver; Sabian and Joker defeated Devon Moore and FREEDOM's KAMUI after Sabian and Joker pinned KAMUI with the Kings Swing; Sami Callihan retained his CZW Junior Heavyweight title over Yoshihito Sasaki by submitting him after Stretch Muffler was turned ito a modified ankle lock; FREEDOMs' Takashi Sasaki and K-Dojo's Kengo Mashimo defeated Drake Younger and MASADA after Mashimo submitted Younger tap out to an armbar; Dick Togo takes on DDT's KUDO and Takanashi, with KUDO pinning Takanashi with a double knees on Takanashi who hung off the top rope ala the"the tree of woe" The crowd gave Togo a great ovation, given that tonight would be his last show in the historic ECW Arena; with many remembering his Michinoku Pro six-man match at the 1997 ECW Barely Legal PPV with Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, and Masato Yakushiji defeating Taka Michinoku, Terry Boy, and Togo. The main event was a Shattered Dreams match (panes of glass in every corner) with Big Japan's Jaki Numazawa and FREEDOMs' "Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai defeating Big Japan's Ryuji Ito and CZW's Danny Havoc by pinfall when Ito frogsplashed Numazawa for the pin. This was the expected sick, twisted and bloody match with glass all over the place, and bloodied chests and backs galore.

Then came Cage of Death 13. Pre-show, Eddie Kingston and Vin Gerard got in a fight (presumably worked) outside The Arena. Gerard then got in line for Cage of Death, with what looks like the beginning of a Brian Pillman-type "not part of the show" campaign to work Eddie Kingston, including stopping me during COD and asking me to post that he "would wrestle Kingston in any promotion, even outside of CHIKARA".

Matches included Jake Crist successfully defendingthe CZW Wired TV title against brother Dave in the Cage of Death opener by pinfall after a super flipping piledriver. In the two out of three falls tables match: BLK OUT (Ruckus, Alex Colon and Chrissy Rivera) defeated The Runaways and Kimber Lee vs First fall, saw The Runaways put Chrissy through a table with a blockbuster/powerbomb combo. Second fall saw Colon enzuigir Joe Gacy off rhe apronl through a table on the floor. BLK OUT won when Ruckus puts Kimberlee through a table with a Falcon Arrow off the apron and to the floor. Kimberlee took some hellacious bumps and actually looked fairly good in the ring. In the siz-man scramble match, Drew Gulak defeated Derek Frazier, Ryan McBride, tHURTeen, Alex Payne and Dustin Rayz with the winner to gets a CZW title shot "in the future". Dustin Rayz was reported to have broken his femur after landing bad on a twisting moonsault to the floor. Drew Blood beats up Frazier and suicide dives onto him! Gulak pins McBride earning a CZW title shot. Post-match, DJ Hyde "fired Drew Blood", then scheduled Ryan McBride vs Derek Frazier for January. Drake Younger, again returning to a loud pop, beat the living crap out of Rory Mondo finishing with a top rope copkiller through a chair.

In the eight-man Japanese tag match, Everyone from Indie Summit except Togo is involved. Big Japan's Jaki Numazawa, Yoshihito Sasak, DDT's Masahiro Takanashi, and FREEDOM's KAMUI vs. RYUJI ITO, Takashi Sasaki, K-Dojo's Kengo Mashimo and DDT's Danshoku Dino after FREEDOM's Takashi Sasakii pinned KAMUI. Lots more Dino exotico comedy throughout the match. Philly's Most Wanted (Sabian/Joker) went to a non contest against Homicide and Eddie Kingston. Late in the match Philly's Most Wanted is about to go over when Maven Bentley stops the referee from counting a pinfall by Sabian.Not exactly appreciative, Eddie Kingston backfists Maven Bentley out of the ring, follwoed by a Homicide lariat on referee Bret Lauderdale, which got one of the night's better pops. Lauderdale then calls for bell, which the crowd crapped all over. Meanwhile, post-match, Eddie Kingston sees Vin Girard jumps the rail and chases him oiut of the building. Sami Callihan successfully defended the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title against AR Fox with a Stretch Muffler. Post- match, DJ Hyde came out post-match, and says he's booked Sami Callihan vs Tommy Dreamer for the CZW Indianapolis show in February on Super Bowl Sunday.

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