-- The WWE Magazine is now available on the iPad.

-- ESPN's E:60 documentary on Scott Hall from earlier this year is nominated for Sports Illustrated's "Best News Feature on a Sports Program" award in their 2011 Media Awards. SI.com wrote: "The superhero physique he had during his days in the WWE is long gone. Scott Hall is now 53 and says he takes 11 heart and seizure medications daily. He has a pacemaker and says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He looks shockingly frail. In October, E:60 aired a 16-minute piece on one of the more interesting figures in pro wrestling history, given his fame and self-destructive nature. For those of us of a certain age, it was a devastating portrait, a man wrecked by drug addiction and alcoholism. There's no narrator and no reporter fronting the piece, which adds to the sullen mood. Lead producer Ben Houser and associate producer John Minton III are to be commended for their work. Same with the terrific job of video editing by Bluefoot Entertainment's Matt McCormick."

-- William Regal wrote the following on Twitter today regarding reports of his retirement:

"Can I please make this clear.I have never said I'm retiring.Not at the O2 last year nor this week.Not wrestle as much,yes,but not retire.

"Nor have I been removed from NXT or the WWE.Not been in trouble either(shock I know)."

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