Miguel Antonio González sent this report along:

"Hi, I was reading your post about the rumor stated in the Super Luchas Magazine, just to make you notice that today in Mexico it's celebrated the ALL SAINTS DAY which is a day commonly used to make jokes and fake news, something similar to the April's Fool Day.

"I hope just to make clear this point as I am a mexican reader of the Super Luchas Magazine and web page and was supposed to be just a joke to all of us.

"Thanks for reading this and hope you have a Happy New Year!!!"

Jonathan Alvarez also sent this along:

"Ok the reason they post that false story it's because today is the innocent's day in latin america (just like April's Fools). In fact another Mexican publication reported that the wrestler that is going to comeback is Brock Lesnar. Just part of an Innocent's Day Joke!!!"

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