Source: has an interview with Mark Henry hyping tomorrow's SmackDown house show at the Izod Centerin East Rutherford, NJ. Here are some highlights:

On winning the World Heavyweight Championship: "To win the World Heavyweight Championship, of course there's no comparisonů It's not about how long or how soon you do it, it's the matter of that you've done it. The fact that I reached the pinnacle in the industry, it means a lot."

On being an ambassador: "I've been that. I've never been a drug abuser. I've never been somebody that was abusive outside of professional entertainment. I've always done things necessary to grant and warrant carrying the gold."

On having not won the title before: "I've had my opportunities. Injuries are something that always seem to get in the way. I've gone almost a three- or four-year stretch, thank God, without an injury."

On the ring collapsing in his match with Big Show earlier this year: "It was definitely (a big) moment in my career. And not just my career, but in the history of sports entertainment... If they put it in a time capsule in 100 years, people will know that it happened."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.

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