-- On Saturday, January 14, Greg Excellent is in control of CZW 'Excellent Adventure' for what could be the last wrestling event at The Asylum (Former ECW) Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Excellent has made clear that CZW Owner DJ Hyde better be ready for a special brand of "fun" he has in store. You can get more information about the show by clicking here.

-- The Arkansas Athletic Commission shut down all the weekly wrestling shows in the entire state of Arkansas. The commission is upset that promoters of the various wrestling promotions are not sending in their $50.00 fee for each show. This is apparently only affecting the promotions that are running weekly. There is a meeting scheduled at 11 am on February 9th in Little Rock.

-- UK based merchandise company RetroWrestling.com has arranged a private signing session with Velvet Sky in January where customers can order items from their site that can be personally signed and dedicated to them. You can get more information by clicking here.

-- Brock Lesnar and Angelo Mosca both were ranked on the "101 Holiday Jeers" list on ESPN2's SportsNation. Mosca was ranked number 8 for his fight with former rival Joe Kapp at the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon last month. Lesnar was ranked for a prank that he pulled on the show's host, Colin Cowherd, earlier this year that you can watch below:

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