Jim Ross has posted his first blog of the new year. Here are some highlights:

If Brock Lesnar will return to WWE: "For those that know Brock well, the answer to this question is actually quite simple. It's NO. Brock dislikes, putting it mildly, traveling. Plus, he doesn't need the money even though he's smart enough to not turn down a big payday if the lay of the land is to his liking. That's why the UFC thing was good for him because he could earn big money by traveling 2-3 times per year to fight. I could see Brock doing a major, one off WWE appearance ala a Wrestlemania, but not this year, and doing so while not even making the live Raw events that lead into it. I could also see WWE traveling to Brock to shoot vignettes to build whatever match that he might be booked. For fans who think that Lesnar will return to make a significant amount of TV dates only and then only work a handful or so of PPV's, I hate to burst your bubble, but in my opinion that simply isn't happening."

Who will be revealed tonight on RAW behind the 1/2/12 promos: "Who is being revealed tonight on Raw as a result of the effective, anticipation building promos that have aired the past several weeks? Honestly, I don't know. No one from WWE has said a word to me. That's not a complaint either as I'm still a fan who likes surprises. I obviously have a short list of who I think it likely will be but I want to be surprised. And yes, even if I did know I would NOT tell you and ruin the surprise."

On heat with Michael Cole: "He's [Michael Cole] doing a job that he's instructed to do. For the last time, I do not hate Cole nor do I feel compelled to want to wrestle, and I use that term loosely, Cole again. Let's put the spotlight on the talents who were hired to wrestle. Has Cole ever said things about me that were a little personal or hit too close to home? Sure, but I'm a big boy and can handle it I assure you.

"For the record, in case folks haven't noticed it, the style of broadcasting in WWE has changed drastically over the years and that's not by accident. It is perceived that story telling and that function's ancillary spinoffs are more effective than the old school, traditional, wrestling commentary."

If we will ever see Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan: "Personally, I hope not. If Stone Cold does have one match left in him, it shouldn't be against some one who has been plagued with physical limitations. At one point in time, this would have been THE money match. That ship has sailed....BROTHER."

Much more is contained in JR's latest blog, you can check it out at this link.

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