Source: F4WOnline

According to the Wrestling Observer, there were a lot of people within WWE scratching their heads at how the company had Chris Jericho fly into a major airport like Nashville this weekend. WWE has taken extra measures in the past when it came to returning talents' travel but we don't know why they didn't take those extra steps with Jericho. He was backstage walking around during the evening hours prior to RAW last night as well.

WWE has already updated local advertising to show that Chris Jericho will be making appearances at upcoming WWE Raw house shows. The advertising lists Jericho as a "special appearance".

While Jericho was active on Twitter the past few days, denying his return, he has been silent regarding last night's appearance. He has simply been re-tweeting messages from friends and fans about his return, but not posting anything himself.

You can check out videos of Jericho's return and post-fight "interview" with below:

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