Partial Source: Pwinsider

Several top WWE developmental talents recently went on the road with the main roster, here is the report of how they didů

* FCW Champion Leo Kruger: Kruger got solid marks for pre-match mi work, playing up the gimmick of the top African athlete while working heel. The feeling is that he needs to project more and connect with the audience better. They think he has a good look.

* Seth Rollins: Rollins got high marks for his in ring work, as well as he selling as a babyface. Rollins worked a lot with Tyson Kidd on the road.

* Dean Ambrose: Ambrose is reportedly viewed highly by management, both in his mic work and how he handled himself backstage. Word is that if they could find the right role for him on TV, that his delivery and voice will translate well to TV.

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