Source: PWInsider

The script for this Monday's RAW Supershow from Memphis was not finalized until around 7pm local time.

Chris Jericho's segment was not in the booking sheets that were handed out before the show. However, the company made no attempt to hide him backstage before he came out on TV.

The angle with Kane coming from under the ring was written about a week ago but officials didn't know how they would get to it until the day of the show. The six-man elimination match was put together at the last minute. They did the angle to provide a "safe but dangerous looking" cliffhanger for the Cena vs. Kane storyline. Due to the way the angle was done, that is why the six-man tag had to end the show.

Officials wanted John Cena in the closing segment so there would be an "Indiana Jones-like" cliffhanger to end the show. The feeling was that the CM Punk segment wouldn't be exciting enough and Chris Jericho's return wouldn't be a good way to end the show.

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