As noted earlier, Kim Nielsen (a.k.a Desire) appeared on the premiere episode of NBC's The Biggest Loser Tuesday and spoke briefly about a pivotal moment in her former career as a professional wrestler for TNA: breaking her back during a wrestling match.

"I was at 128 pounds: I had ten percent body fat. I've really never felt better physically in my life than when I was in that kind of shape," she says while old photos of her in top notch shape are shown.

While exercising, her trainer, Dolvett Quince, asks her why she appears upset.

"Because it meant everything to me. And I'm a fighter," she replies.

"One of the reasons I gained a lot of weight is... I lost that. My career was taken away from me."

She recalls, "I was in a match on live TV. The girl put me in a suplex and my back snapped. My back broke. My tailbone broke. And I got up and finished the match," she somberly tells Quince while footage of the devastating moment airs multiple times—her opponent's face is blurred.

Her trainer asks, "You broke your back? But you got up anyway and finished the match?"

"Yep," she says. "She threw me across the ring, I hit the ropes. I picked her up. I slammed her. I covered her. I rolled out of the ring and I walked to the back before I collapsed on the floor in the locker room."

Nielsen said the reason she finished the match was because she doesn't like to lose.

"Wasn't an option for me," she says.

Her opponent in question during that fateful day was indy wrestling standout Mercedes Martinez.

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