Thanks to reader Michael Mize for sending in these results from last night's house show at The Oil Palace in Tyler, TX:

I was at the house show for RAW in Tyler, Texas. I took two students from my school, where I am the principal. One of the security guards got the head of security with WWE to come over and see if John Cena would meet the students, one of whom is in a wheelchair. I was overly impressed with Cena coming out and introducing himself to our group. He gave the handicapped student a signed ball cap and a wristband and asked for pictures to be taken. I know he takes a lot of heat, but he made these kids dreams come true.

As far as the show, Miz came out mouthing about taking the belt from CM Punk. R-Truth came from the crowd and jumped him. Otunga came out and asked R-Truth to leave to the dismay of the crowd.

Match 1 - Bella Twins came out as guest ring announcers and Santino Marrella was the guest referee between Beth Phoneix and Eve Torres. Beth Phoenix won the match. Plenty of comedy from Santino.

Match 2 - Michael McGuillicutty and Antonio Cesaro vs. Mason Ryan and Alex Riley. Ryan and Riley won by pinfall.

Match 3 - US title match: Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger. Ryder got a huge pop and won by pinfall.

Lights went out and Jericho appeared with a blinking lighted jacket. He did the same stunt he did on Raw. He did grab the mic but Otunga came out and threatened to sue him because of his jacket and that it could cause seizures. Jericho took the jacket off then blasted him in the head with the mic. Then he left to a huge ovation.


Match 4 - WWE Tag team championship: Air Boom vs. Epico and Primo. Epico and Primo seemingly won the match and were given the belts, but the match was restarted because Kofi had his leg on the ropes and they ended up winning the match. Very exciting high flying match.

Match 5 - John Cena vs. Kane. Cena got a huge pop. Nobody sat down the entire match. Kane hit Cena with a chair causing a DQ and left Cena laying and left the ring. When the announcer said Cena won, Kane went back in the ring where he was hit with an AA from Cena and the crowd went nuts.

Match 6 - WWE championship: CM Punk vs. The Miz. Punk got a huge ovation. Miz drew great heat from the audience, but he did not mock the facilities or Texas which usually draws cheap heat. This was a good technical wrestling match. Punk won by pinfall. R-Truth came back in and jumped Miz. He had a stare down with Punk and then extended his hand. They shook hands and R-Truth raised his hand as the champ. Big pop for both of them. Truth left and Punk shook everyone's hands and was ery appreciative of the fans.

I will say as a lifelong wrestling fan that there is not the same electricity in the building anymore. Back in the Attitude era, there would be so many fights between fans there and the matches would be deafening. It is just not the same. I am not trying to take away from the young guys because I know they bust their tails, but the raw emotion of the matches is not there anymore for me. One guy behind me told his friend that he could never be a fan again until they get rid of the PG stuff. One highlight for me tonight was that I was able to see a lifetime hero of mine, "Double A" Arn Anderson. I enjoy reading the site.

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