-- Chris Jericho was at last night's WWE house show in Tyler, TX. Jericho came out right before intermission with a blinking lighted jacket and did the same stunt that he did on Raw. He finally grabbed the mic, but before he could speak, David Otunga came out. Otunga threatened to sue him because of his jacket, saying that it could cause seizures. Jericho took his jacket off and then blasted him in the head with the mic and left to a huge ovation. We posted full results from the show earlier this morning, you can get full results by clicking here.

-- Amazon.com has April 10th listed as the release date for the new WWE Edge DVD. The release date coincides with the release of WWE Studios' next movie, Breaking The Rules, starring Edge. The film, formerly entitled Chasing the Hawk, also stars Jamie Kennedy, Jennifer Esposito, Philip Baker Hall, Jessica Walter, and Alicia Witt.

-- As noted yesterday, Jim Ross has his latest blog up and was asked if he would like to get his hands on Michael Cole again. "No...I think WWE fans have seen enough of two, non athletes venture out of their areas of expertise," he replied. "That leaking ship has sailed. Let's move on and provide more deserving, legit talents the valuable TV time." You can check out the full blog entry at this link.

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