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Jesse goes up to the middle rope, but his legs are dropkicked out from under him by Ion. Ion goes to the top but he's stopped by Kid Kash. Kash goes for a superplex, and Sorensen gets in a powerbomb on Kash at the same time for good measure. Aries goes for a quick pin on each man before sending Kash and Jesse out to the floor. Aries slams Ion to the mat and heads up to the top rope. Aries is pushed out to the floor by Ion who goes out to the apron and up to the top, hitting a beautiful twisting body press out on top of Kash and Aries.

Jesse comes in from out of nowhere with a springboard somersault press on top of all three of his opponents. Sorensen takes Aries back into the ring and goes for the pin, getting two. Sorensen stomps on Aries in the corner while Ion and Kash trade chops. Ion charges Kash and he ends up eating a low powerslam into the corner. Aries has things turned around and he's choking Jesse in the corner with his boot while Kash heads up to the top to superplex Ion. Jesse whips Aries into the corner, knocking Kash down to the mat. Ion goes for a 450 and hits it, getting a three count.

Kid Kash is eliminated.

Aries hits a 450 on Jesse, but Jesse kicks out at two!

Aries and Ion trade forearms in the middle of the ring, but Aries is able to hit a chestbreaker/slam combo. Aries teases the pendulum elbow, but he eats a top rope cross body from Sorensen for another near fall. Jesse hits a suplex variation and goes for the pin, but it's broken up by Ion, who goes for a pin of his own. Jesse tries to toss Ion to the outside and Ion catches himself on the apron. Ion comes back into the ring and finds himself caught in a small package by Jesse for three. The crowd is going nuts for Sorensen.

Zema Ion is eliminated.

Aries catches Sorensen in a small package, but the ref is distracted by Ion, arguing with him. Aries goes for the brainbuster, and Sorensen counters with the game changes. Jesse goes for the pin but Aries is still able to kick out at two. Jesse slams Aries to the mat, and Ion is shown hiding down on the floor. Jesse goes up to the top but he's cut off by Aries. Aries tries to bring Jesse back into the ring, but Jesse falls on top of Aries for a two count. Aries sends Jesse into the corner, and charges in right after, eating a big boot to the face.

Jesse goes to the top, but Ion grabs on to his foot and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Aries hits a big dropkick to the top of Jesse's head, then goes up after him, hitting an avalanche style brainbuster from the second rope, putting Sorensen down for the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries


JB is backstage, and he's joined by Devon's sons. JB says he's known both of them since he was six years old, and he's known their dad for over a decade. Pope walks in and one of Devon's sons says 'this is the reason why'. Pope says he wants to slap JB, but who would hold the mic? He says Devon's sons are men. He also says he's going to do something to Devon that he'll never forget. He says they aren't going to have to deal with Devon's black behind again, because "Pope- Daddy has spoken".

- We get a quick video package that shows the events the led directly into the Pope/Devon match that looks to be coming up next.

The Pope vs. Devon

Devon takes Pope right into the corner and beats down on him for a bit. Devon misses a splash in the corner, but comes right back with a big clothesline. Pope reverses a whip, but Devon hits a back elbow and sends Pope to the outside with a clothesline over the top rope to the outside. Devon follows and smashes Pope face first into the ring steps and apron before sending him back into the ring. Devon follows and Pope asks for a time out.

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