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Crimson is able to fight out of the hold, but Magnus responds with a flying elbow for another near fall. Magnus takes Crimson into the corner and tags out to Joe. Joe comes in and hits Crimson with a couple of stiff kicks to the back and a big knee drop, but he still can't keep the champ down for three. Joe tags back out to Magnus who comes in and hits Crimson with a big European uppercut, but then eats a kick to the chest. Magnus comes back with a big clothesline which puts Crimson down for another two count. Magnus tags back out to Joe.

Backstage footage is shown of Bully Ray beating down Abyss while Joe and Magnus double team Crimson in the ring. Joe wrenches away at Crimson's neck, putting pressure on him before taking him to the corner, slamming him face first into the turnbuckle, and hitting him with another series of right. Crimson falls to a seated position so Joe brushes his boot across the champs face. Joe hits the ropes and Crimson comes up with a big spear out of nowhere.

Both men make the tag and Morgan comes in with a couple of big clothesline to Magnus. Magnus goes for a cross body but Morgan catches him and launches him with a fall away slam. Morgan takes Joe down with a big clothesline before splashing Magnus in the corner and hitting him with a big suplex that plants Magnus on the mat. Morgan goes for the pin but it's broken up by Joe. Crimson is in but he's tossed to the outside by Joe. Joe and Magnus double team Morgan, hitting the slam/elbow drop combo that got them this match, but the pin is broken up by Crimson. Magnus and Crimson fight to the outside, but Joe breaks it up with an elbow suicida dive to the outside, taking out Crimson.

Crimson is able to slam Joe face first into the ring steps, and in the ring, Magnus avoids a chokeslam from Morgan, but when he turns around, Crimson is in the ring as well and the champs hit a double chokeslam. Morgan pins Magnus and this one is over.

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Crimson and Matt Morgan


Tenay sends it backstage to JB who is standing along with James Storm. He asks Storm if he's ready for Angle tonight. Storm asks how long JB has known him? In 10-15 years he's only ever seen JB interview people and he wants to know how he looks on the other side. Storm puts his sunglasses and hat on JB and begins to interview him. He says that he believes that he can beat Angle for the third time tonight. He tells JB that he has to believe. He says when Angle heads out there tonight he'll hear the crowd chanting 'You Suck', but at the end of the match, he'll be sucking his foot down Angle's throat. Before Storm leaves, he apologizes to Angle about his luck.

- This leads into a video package highlighting the last couple of matches between these two men, and the events leading up to this match.

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

The bell rings, and we're ready to go on what's sure to be the best pure wrestling match on the card tonight. Storm and Angle circle each other, but Angle is quick to bail to the floor, where he walks around for a bit before making his way back up to the apron and into the ring.

We get a lock up and Storm is able to transition into a head lock. Angle fights him off but falls to a shoulderblock, then a hip toss. Storm goes for the Last Call, but Angle bails to the outside before he's able to connect.

Angle slowly heads back up to the apron and into the ring again. Angle and Storm begin circling each other again and Angle catches Storm with a boot to the gut and a stiff forearm. Storm is able to drive Angle's face into his knee and hit a nice neckbreaker. Storm teases the Last Call again and again Angle bails out to the arena floor.

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