JB is backstage and he promises that TNA will keep us updated on the RVD situation. JB turns his attention to his next guest, Jeff Hardy, who's face paint has gone to new levels of goofy. Hardy says he doesn't brag about what he's done, or what he will do. He says he's been resurrected before calling out to his 'creatures', telling them to mount up, because he has a World Title to win tonight.

- This leads into a video package detailing the history between Mickie James and Gail Kim that has led to the next title match on the card.

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Mickie James vs. Gail Kim (c)

After the "Tale of the Tape", a cage is shown ringside. It's the same "penalty box" used in the King of the Match, although the bars are colors like white and pink, giving it the Velvet touch.

Mickie James makes her way out to the ring first to a huge pop from the crowd. The Champion, Gail Kim, makes her way out to the ring next, and of course she's got Madison Rayne in tow.

Madison sees the cage, and she absolutely refuses to get into it, but the referee lets her know that Sting needs her to do it. This brings out Velvet Sky, who makes her way out to a big pop and backs Rayne up. Velvet can't open the cage, but the ref does, and Sky pushes Rayne into the cage where the door is locked behind her. Rayne is screaming as the cage is lifted off of the ground and slightly above the ring.

The bell rings and Kim jumps James, beating on her in the corner and choking her with her boot before hitting her with a big running clothesline in the corner and a huge flying knee to the back.

Mickie is able to roll up Kim for two before she snap mares her over and hits her with a dropkick to the face. James hits Kim with a kick to the gut, but she's sent out to the apron and Kim catches her with a knee to the gut before bringing her in through the ropes and dropping her down on her face. Kim goes for the three count, but she's only able to get a two count. Kim brings James back up to her feet and hits her with a couple of forearms, but she misses a spear in the corner and ends up out of the apron. Kim is able to his Mickie with a couple of blows that seats her in the corner. Kim sends Mickie across the ring hard, hitting a running spear the second time around.

Kim picks James up to her knees and hits her with repeated kicks to the back. Kim goes for a springboard cross body from the corner but she's met with a dropkick to the face. Kim locks in a modified dragon sleeper, but Mickie is able to fight out of it. Mickie hits Kim with forearms, then clotheslines, then a back elbow and a flap jack driving Kim face first into the mat. Kim kicks away at Mickie and gets up to her feet, wrapping herself around James and locking in the octopus hold. James heads into the corner and bashes Kim into the turnbuckles before slamming her to the mat.

Kim goes for a DDT, but James is able to send her out to the floor instead where she crashes down hard. Kim argues with Velvet for a second, before she's caught with a hurricarana to the floor by Mickie. Mickie sends Kim back into the ring and heads to the top, hitting a big flying Thesz press that's good for another two count. Rayne drops some knucks down from her cage, but it's just a distraction as the ref finds them and Rayne tosses her another pair. Mickie is able to grab the knucks, and she uses the to blast Kim, but the ref sees it and Mickie ends up DQ'ed.

Winner by DQ and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim


JB is standing backstage alongside Bully Ray. Ray shoves and intimidates JB. Ray says this is Monster's Ball. He says when Abyss challenged him to the match, he was a tiny bit nervous for one second, but he's the intimidator and he does what he does, why would he be intimidated by a match like this. Ray says he's the king of these kinds of matches. Mick Foley and Terry Funk bow down to him because he's the king of hardcore. He says he'll do whatever he needs to to destroy Abyss, then he's crawling back to Immortal where he'll kiss Ray's feet, Bischoff's feet, Steiner's feet, and Gunner's feet. He says after tonight, Abyss will be Immortal's b**** again.

This segues directly into a video package showing the events that led up to Abyss challenging Ray to this Monster's Ball match.

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