Tenay sends it backstage to JB who is standing along with James Storm. He asks Storm if he's ready for Angle tonight. Storm asks how long JB has known him? In 10-15 years he's only ever seen JB interview people and he wants to know how he looks on the other side. Storm puts his sunglasses and hat on JB and begins to interview him. He says that he believes that he can beat Angle for the third time tonight. He tells JB that he has to believe. He says when Angle heads out there tonight he'll hear the crowd chanting 'You Suck', but at the end of the match, he'll be sucking his foot down Angle's throat. Before Storm leaves, he apologizes to Angle about his luck.

- This leads into a video package highlighting the last couple of matches between these two men, and the events leading up to this match.

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

The bell rings, and we're ready to go on what's sure to be the best pure wrestling match on the card tonight. Storm and Angle circle each other, but Angle is quick to bail to the floor, where he walks around for a bit before making his way back up to the apron and into the ring.

We get a lock up and Storm is able to transition into a head lock. Angle fights him off but falls to a shoulderblock, then a hip toss. Storm goes for the Last Call, but Angle bails to the outside before he's able to connect.

Angle slowly heads back up to the apron and into the ring again. Angle and Storm begin circling each other again and Angle catches Storm with a boot to the gut and a stiff forearm. Storm is able to drive Angle's face into his knee and hit a nice neckbreaker. Storm teases the Last Call again and again Angle bails out to the arena floor.

Angle makes his way back into the ring and finds himself tossed back out to the apron. Storm dropkicks Angle's face and sends him crashing out to the floor. Storm follows with a slingshot plancha over the top out on top of Angle. Storm picks Angle up to his feet and hits him with a wicked chop before sending him back into the ring. Storm follows and he immediately goes to work on Angle in the corner, hitting him with repeated rights. Storm continues to wear out Angle, climbing up to the second rope and hitting him with right hand after right hand, laying in with ten total. When Storm heads back to Angle though, he's dropped neck first across the top rope, then hit with a release belly to belly suplex, sending Storm flying across the ring.

Angle heads into the corner and stomps away at Storm repeatedly before choking him with his boot. Angle heads to the outside and hits Storm with a clubbing blow across the throat while Storm's head is sticking out under the bottom rope. Angle makes his way back into the ring and hits a snap suplex that puts Storm down for a two count. Angle locks in a tight rear chin lock, trying to grind Storm down.

The referee checks on Storm, lifting his arm up once, twice, but not a third time, as Storm is able to hang on and make his way up to his feet. Storm hits Angle with a couple of elbows to the stomach, but Angle comes right back with a running forearm, putting Storm right back down to the mat. Angle attacks Storm with a big kick to the back before hitting Storm with a leg drop to the back of the head.

Angle picks Storm up to his feet and hits him with a big short arm clothesline that's good for yet another two count. Angle locks in another rear chin lock, grinding his arms across Storm's face. Storm is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, but Angle hits him with a big clubbing blow to the back, knocking him to the mat. Angle sends Storm into the ropes and Storm blocks a clothesline before following up with a nice Russian leg sweep.

Storm hits Angle with a series of rights, then a couple of clotheslines and a nice running forearm. Storm goes for a slam but Angle avoids it. Angle goes for a slam but Storm avoids it and hits Angle with the backstabber, putting him down for a two count. Angle is able to respond hitting a German suplex. Angle holds on and hits a second suplex, and finally a third.

Angle heads up to the top rope and connects with a beautiful moonsault, but when Angle goes for the cover, Storm is still able to kick out at two. Angle locks in the ankle lock, but Storm is able to kick him away. Storm catches Angle with a quick kick to the midsection and a nice DDT, but he still can't keep Angle down. Storm tries for the superkick again but Angle blocks. Angle tries for the Angle slam but Storm counters with an arm drag then hits a big kick to the back. Storm heads back over to Angle, and Angle is able to connect with the Angle slam the second time. Angle pulls down his singlet strap and Angle tries for the superkick but Storm hits the codebreaker and a cutter, but Angle still won't stay down for three.

Storm heads out to the apron and up to the top turnbuckle, but Angle runs up the ropes. Storm pushes Angle off and leaps off the top rope, connecting with a huge elbow drop. Angle still won't stay down though, kicking out of a pin at two. Storm goes for the Last Call, but Angle pulls the referee in the way. Angle shoves the ref, low blows Storm, and hits Storm with a superkick. Angle goes for the pin and he's able to score the three count.

Winner: Kurt Angle

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