TNA Genesis: Bobby Roode Vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Title)

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Roode is able to shove Hardy back first into the ring apron and scores with a big right hand, but Hardy reverses a whip and Roode ends up crashing into the steel ring stairs. Hardy positions the ring steps and uses them to launch himself into Bobby Roode who's trapped against the barricade. Hardy sends things back into the ring and goes for the cover but he's only able to get a two count. Hardy keeps the pressure on Roode, hitting him with an elbow to the back of the head and a back elbow, but when Hardy goes to the top, Roode pushes his feet out from under him and Hardy crotches himself on the top turnbuckle. Roode pulls Hardy back into a tree of woe and stomps away at him repeatedly.

Roode continues to stomp away at Hardy after he falls out of the corner. Roode hits Hardy with a backbreaker and goes for another pin but he only gets two. Roode continues on the offensive, stomping at Hardy before burying his shoulder in Hardy's midsection in the corner, and whipping him across the ring hard. Roode goes for the pin but he still can't come up with three, so he continues on with a big suplex, planting Hardy on the mat. Roode heads up to the middle rope and launches himself off with a big knee drop to Hardy's face, but it's still only good enough for a two count. Roode locks in a rear chin lock on a seated Hardy to continue to wear him down.

Hardy is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold but Roode slams him right back down to the mat. Roode grabs Hardy and launches him under the bottom rope where he falls to the floor, crashing down shoulder first. Roode goes to the outside and grabs a fan's sign, tearing it up before heading over to Hardy and stomping away at him while he sits against the guard rail. Roode picks Hardy up to his feet and drops him down throat first against the guard rail before sending him back into the ring and trying for a quick pin, only getting two.

Roode locks in another rear chin lock, wearing the challenger down and grinding away at him. Roode has a nasty bruise right on his shoulder blade. Hardy tries for the ropes, but Roode continues to drag him back into the middle of the ring to maintain the hold. Hardy fights up to his feet again, but when he tries for an enzugiri, Roode ducks it and immediately goes right into the crossface.

Hardy struggles, but he refuses to tap as he slowly inches his way toward the ropes. Hardy makes it to the ropes to force Roode to break the hold, but Roode holds on for four seconds before he breaks. Roode picks Hardy up to his feet and slams him right back down to the mat before heading over to the corner. Roode goes back up to the middle rope and mocks Hardy, but when he jumps off Hardy gets his feet up and Roode crashes into them face first and both men are down.

Roode struggles up to his feet first, using the ropes to help him get to his feet. Hardy is able to get up and he hits Roode with a series of rights, then a flying forearm, big clothesline and back elbow. Hardy takes Roode down to the mat with a big back body drop, then a nice kick. Roode sends Hardy into the corner and catches him on his shoulder, but Hardy fights out and hits a Russian leg sweep before putting Roode in a crazy pinning predicament. Both men struggle and Hardy puts Roode down to the mat, only for Roode to respond with a big spinebuster, but it's still not enough to keep Hardy down for three.

Roode takes Hardy over into the corner and seats him on the top turnbuckle. Roode attempts a superplex, but Hardy holds on to the top rope and he's able to push Roode down to the mat. Hardy teases the swanton, but Roode rolls to the outside and Jeff jumps down to the mat. Roode grabs his title and begins walking up the ramp to the back. Hardy doesn't allow this to happen, attacking Roode from behind and bringing him back down and into the ring. When Hardy tries to get back into the ring, Roode catches him with a kick, then a fisherman's suplex, holding on for a pin, but Hardy kicks out at two.

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