Thanks to reader Chris Castleman for sending in these results from this afternoon's house show at the Foster Communications Coliseum in San Angelo, TX:

The show started off with the Miz coming out and cutting a promo about how he was going to beat CM Punk and win the title. He also mentioned how R-Truth keeps attacking him. He said R-Truth wouldn't dare do that tonight and, surprise! Truth's music hits and he comes from the crowd and attacks him and Miz runs to the back. Dave Otunga comes out and says Truth needs to leave because he was not advertised for this event. Truth leaves without an altercation.

Next the Bellas come out and are the special ring announcers and they come sit right in front of me. Santino is the special ref and comes out followed by Eve and then Beth.

WWE Divas Title: Beth Phoenix vs. Eve. This match was a long divas match and had some really funny spots with Santino. The Bellas got involved and cost Eve the match. Beth wins the match with her finisher. Dave Otunga comes out to major heat and talks trash to Santino and then hits Santino. Dave leaves and Santino gets up and says he will get the cobra and does his cobra thing and they are done.

Next was a tag match between Michael McGuillicutty and Antonio Cesaro v. Alex Riley and Mason Ryan. This match was boring because nobody knew of Cesaro and didn't know how to respond. Cesaro and Mike had the advantage for most of the match until Ryan made the hot tag and they got the win. Winners: A-Ry and Mason Ryan.

US title match: Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger. This was a good match between the two. I was expecting Ryder to get a lucky win, but that was not the case. One funny part was Swagger got Ryder in a submission and gave Ryder a wedgie. Ryder starts saying really loud that he gave him a wedgie and Swagger stopped and fixed his tights and put him back in the move. End of the match had both going back and forth trying to hit finishers and Ryder gets his for the win. Winner: Ryder.

Next the lights go out and the Jericho segment begins. He got a HUGE POP. He did the same thing from the night before in Tyler (not speaking) except that he also grabbed a sign from someone in the crowd that said bow ties suck and we started a "bow ties suck" chant. He hit Otunga with the mic, locked in the Walls of Jericho and left.

WWE Tag team championship: Air Boom vs. Epico and Primo. Really good match for the young guys. I didn't expect much out of Primo and Epico. At one point I got Rosa Mendez to blow me a kiss (lucky me). Primo and Epico win but another ref comes out and claims that Kofi had his leg on the ropes and the match restarts. Kofi gets the win for his team after hitting Trouble in Paradise followed by the shooting star press for the win. Winners: Air Boom.

John Cena vs. Kane. Cena got major pop, I was hating it. On TV he has a split reaction, but not in San Angelo. Kane came out next to major heat. Good match for the big man, and Cena got worked for most of the match. Kane went outside and grabbed a chair and got DQ'd because he used it. Winner: Cena. Kane then chokeslammed Cena and left. After Cena was announced the winner, he came back but Cena recovered and hit the AA. Kane rolled out and then acted like he was going to come back, but Cena charged the ropes and Kane left. Cena hugged some girl and left.

WWE championship: CM Punk vs. The Miz. Punk comes out and I get into a conversation with him. I told him Miz was the best in the world, and he laughed and said if you want to believe that, LOL. Great match to end with both hitting their finishers, but Punk's got him the win. Winner: CM Punk. After the match, Truth comes out and attacks the Miz and shakes Punk's hand and leaves. Punk then celebrates with the crowd.

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