Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Brodus Clay, Donny Marlow, Epico, Mason Ryan and AJ Lee have all been removed from FCW's roster pages. Four of the five are on the WWE main roster, with Camacho (Donny Marlow) not yet added but probable for it as there are stories about him with Hunico.

-- The next FCW TV Taping will be Thursday night. The last one was on December 22nd, though it was not listed properly as a TV taping on the company's website.

-- This week's WWE Classics of Demands updates are as follows: Legends of Wrestling: Renegades and Outlaws, ECW (January 6, 1998), WWF Prime Time Wrestling (July 3, 1989), World Class Championship Wrestling (February 11, 1984).

-- As noted earlier, the word backstage at RAW was that WWE is pushing the WWE Network's debut back until the fall. The reason has to do with the fact that the company won't have the necessary infrastructure ready to make the planned April 1st launch date. The words is that the company didn't want to make the decision, but "had to" for the good of the network in a long-term capacity. The company never officially announced April 1st as a launch date, though that was the target date. All projects currently being produced for the Network will go forward, as they can be kept in hold until the network launches.

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