Jesse Neal Talks Being Ripped By Bruce Prichard, If Hogan & Bischoff Have Helped TNA, WWE & More

Jesse Neal Talks Being Ripped By Bruce Prichard, If Hogan & Bischoff Have Helped TNA, WWE & More
Former TNA superstar Jesse Neal recently spoke with Raj Giri of about his time with TNA, his departure and his future in the business. Here is part two of the interview, click here to check out part one, where Neal talks about his time with TNA, his angle being dropped when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in, the food stamps rumor and more. I think we were the first site to report that you asked for your release after you were asked to go to OVW. Is that accurate?

Jesse Neal: Yeah, I think you were. I believe so. What was it about going that you didn't want to do?

Jesse Neal: As a professional wrestler you never really put in your time, I believe. As long as I'm learning and taking a step forward I'm good in the business. Basically I was just spinning my wheels in TNA. With Shannon Moore, we were doing great and stuff like that. The next step was obviously the belts but they obviously didn't see that in Ink Inc's future. I called the company up; it took me a little bit but I got hold of them. I just wanted to know what my value was with the company. This was during the Mexican America run but I just wanted to do more. I wanted to be more and used more so I wanted to see what I could do to make myself more valuable to the company.

'We've been talking about it and we're going to let Shannon do his single run.' I said, 'OK, fine. That's cool. I'm back from a serious injury. You can do a hell of a run, especially with Christina [Toxxin] with us now. We can do a really big run right now but you want to blow all that up, fine.' I got off one sinking ship; I might as well get off another one. 'That's fine. What about me?' That's what anyone would say.

This is where I'm all weird about it because the next answer was weird. It was a shock. I've been on your TV for three years, I've never had a problem with your agents, nobody's ever said anything, they're saying I'm learning, I'm great, we got you on the house shows, that's the way you take the next step. Then he [Bruce Prichard] says, 'Well, we need you to go to OVW and train more.' The three things he said is like a nightmare that haunts me. He said, 'Unfortunately, Jesse, you don't have a body, you don't have a look and you can't wrestle,' or I need a lot more training in wrestling. I was like, 'Wow.' I know I need help and I know I need training; that's obvious. Training takes time. That s--t just don't happen overnight. It was definitely a shock to hear all of that. I'm like, 'Well, I thought that's what got me the job, my look. Alright, I take criticisms fine. I grow from it, cool. You want me to go to OVW but it's in Kentucky and you want me to move there. It's a big decision. How long do I have?' 'We kind of needed the answer yesterday.' Who was it you were talking to?

Jesse Neal: Bruce Prichard. He was like, 'I'll give you a couple days,' so that was cool of him. I talked it over with Christina and my lawyers and stuff like that. He also told me a price and it's just not worth it to me. It's like working 5-6 days a week training and 3 shows a week. I could make more money on the indy's here in Florida than I could up there. That wasn't even my decision maker.

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