Jesse Neal Talks Being Ripped By Bruce Prichard, If Hogan & Bischoff Have Helped TNA, WWE & More

My decision maker was my finances. I hear all this stuff, 'Oh man, we would kill for the opportunity,' but if you're not paying your bills you wouldn't be able to wrestle. If you can't pay your light bill you're going to find a way to pay your light bill and not show up to practice. I make sacrifices; I don't live above my means what so ever. People should know that. We're just trying to make a living, trying to do our dream also. It takes a lot more to be a TV personality than what everyone thinks out there. The price he gave me, it was way below the means of my bills and stuff like that.

I gave him a couple different options and they didn't like. We went back and forth with these options for a week or two and then I go, 'OK fine.' I send in an email saying I'm respectfully requesting my release. I did it all professionally, no hard feelings and no burned bridges. It was all on good terms. They said, 'OK fine, you want your release, we'll give you your release.' I said, 'OK cool, no problem.' It was all good. We weren't arguing. Do you think Hogan and Bischoff are helping the company at this point?

Jesse Neal: Yeah, I mean, I look at it this way. I basically wasn't on their list so they did what they had to do with me, which is fine. Business is business at the end of the day. With Bischoff and Hogan being there, look at your Gunner's and your Crimson's and stuff like that. They're getting one hell of a push there. They're definitely trying to push these new guys. Of course, TNA is all about wrestling, wrestling, wrestling but it's become more talking and talking.

I mean, it's the way of the business. It's got its ups and downs. You don't know what they got planned for the future, why they're doing this, what they are doing this for. You can only tell by what the month has in store for you. It's a lot of back and forth. Obviously January 4th, when Hogan came in, we had really good ratings and stuff like that. Honestly I haven't even seen Hogan there the last two tapings. I was there and didn't even see him there. He hasn't been on TV lately either I think. But even when they're pushing new guys, they end up reverting back to the old guys.

Jesse Neal: Yeah, that's what I see too. I see it too, definitely. That's what I was trying to do, be different, and you do see a lot of the old stuff coming back up and basically regurgitated for the fans and the fans are noticing. The fans make the wrestling world go around. If we didn't have the fans we would basically be sitting at home doing nothing because the fans are what makes the wrestling business. The fans notice; they're not stupid. Some are. Jokes! - Just the ones with their stupid comments about me being selfish and ungrateful. I laugh at that.

Like I said, the fans are seeing and the fans are noticing and you got to make the fans happy because if you don't your ratings are going to go down and your pocket's not going to be fat with money. I think with TNA, there are a lot of guys including yourself with a unique look that could be given the ball to see what you could do with them.

Jesse Neal: Yeah, I agree. There was one meeting where Vince Russo, himself, said, 'If we give Jesse the ball he runs with it and he's one of those new guys that's willing to learn and willing to take whatever we throw at him and make it TV ready. We could throw him on camera and it'd be ready.' You never know what happens backstage. Why is this person getting dropped? This person was supposed to be on TV but he's not showing up. A lot of the reasons are sometimes they mess up. They're getting a nice little run, they know it's coming and they just mess up or something happens in their life where they can't make it. Who know what happens?

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