Jesse Neal Talks Being Ripped By Bruce Prichard, If Hogan & Bischoff Have Helped TNA, WWE & More

Me and Shannon, we were on a great run - him being the vet and me being the new guy and then Christina came in. That was a hell of a story, a unique story with my real life story and what I'm trying to bring on camera and what we do out there. Honestly, I felt like I was being held back. Me and Shannon, we wanted to do some crazy s--t. We wanted to do some awesome stuff and I was just being held back.

Like I tell some people, they look at me on the indy scene and then they look at me on TV and they're like, 'You guys are two totally different guys. You do so much more on the indy scene.' I'm like, 'I'm not being held back.' Of course that goes down to the segments and stuff like that and whoever has this amount of time and that amount of time. A 20 minute match has a three minute segment or something like that but that's just business. I feel the TNA needs to try new things and not just copy WWE.

Jesse Neal: I agree with that. If you want to be a better company - and it doesn't matter what business you're in - if you want to be a better company than that other company then you need to do different, you need to change it up, you need to not do the same things that you see on the other nights. That's any episode or any show or any soap opera or anything. You've got to be different; you've got to change it up. You've got to shock the fans and make them want to tune in next week instead of the other channel. You're seeing this almost every night. Every show opens with a 15 minute promo. There isn't much taken from real life.

Jesse Neal: Yeah, that was aggravating, especially when Osama bin Laden died I got to come in and do an interview, a promo on TV and they were supposed to open with it and they didn't. I had everybody in that impact zone crying. There was not a dry eye in the house and that type of stuff has never even seen the light of day. That's the different stuff people want to see, especially when it's real.

With my story it's real. Here's a story on your table. You don't have to create it. It is what it is. Just the type of segments they cut out that should be on there. There's a lot of real stuff that got cut out of TNA. It would basically be pushing the envelope and that might be why they took it out. I'm not sure they have their reasons. We're out there doing what we're supposed to be doing and they're doing what they're doing. It might have pushed the envelope too far but it's real and that's what the fans need to see. They need to see how real wrestling can get. Yeah, it was real life for you and they could have done something with it.

Jesse Neal: Excuse my French but that m-----------r bombed my ship. It's real for me. You have me on your roster and I'm talking real right now - how dumb can you be? Like I said, everybody has their reasons. I went through that and it's the perfect opportunity to get my story out and that's why I became a professional wrestler; it's because of this and that was my failed opportunity and it hurts. It definitely hurts that that was my failed opportunity. Hopefully later down the line, with a different company, I can prevail with that. That's all I want to do - get my story out there and keep the Cole and all the survivors alive and let people know there's people fighting but they still have families back here. They're real people; it's not just something you see on the news and it's make believe. It's something real and they had the opportunity and it just flew out the window.

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