Jesse Neal Talks Being Ripped By Bruce Prichard, If Hogan & Bischoff Have Helped TNA, WWE & More That's why I think people are watching MMA, for the real stories.

Jesse Neal: Yeah, like Dana White and all them guys, the UFC and everything - they're smart. They bring real people and they're not scared to show it. It's real. You can't make this s--t up. People attract to it. Everyone knows their attendances and stuff on their fights. That shows they want real people. Part of it is… whatever but the moves and stuff but there are real story lines in professional wrestling and people need to see. I think TNA can learn a lot from that.

Jesse Neal: Yeah, it's the way the business needs to go and that's where the money is. The fans are obviously showing it. I'll give you a good example - the Zack Ryder thing in WWE; look at that. The fans have spoken. That's why the UFC makes so much money - the realism; they brought Zack in because they were listening to the fans and gave the fans what they wanted to see. They make money off that. It's good business and that's all that matters at the end of the day. It seems like you didn't burn any bridges with TNA, and that your decision to leave was strictly financial.

Jesse Neal: Yeah, it was a financial decision on both ends. My release was a mutual decision. Yeah, I brought it to them about my release because that was the only option I had left because I couldn't afford to move up there and there was no way I could afford the money they were going to give me weekly. It was a mutual decision, no bridges, burned, everybody's happy. Hopefully, with 2012 I move on to bigger and better things. What are you looking to do next?

Jesse Neal: Obviously everybody's goal is the WWE and stuff and to make money. As long as I'm in that ring wrestling and as long as I'm entertaining the fans that's all that matters. That's what keeps me happy. Of course the money thing - we're not doing it to go through the injuries for free and stuff. As long as the money's there and everything's good. I definitely bust my ass in that ring. If WWE wanted you to go to FCW, is that something you'd be willing to do?

Jesse Neal: Oh, of course. It's right there in Tampa. It's literally 45 minutes, hour away from my house right now. I got friends and family over there and stuff like that. That wouldn't be a hard move at all for me. It'd be very easy and I would get paid more. Do you follow the WWE product?

Jesse Neal: Of course. Even when I was in TNA I'd always watch out, you know, you always want to watch out for the opposing team, keep up to date and stuff like that. I try to watch it now and then and keep up to date with the story lines and who the competition is and stuff. Who do you like watching in WWE?

Jesse Neal: I like what they're doing with John Cena. They're either positive or negative about John Cena and I'm back and forth but I like what they're doing with him. Depending on where you're at the fans boo him or the fans cheer him. I like tuning in to see that. You never know what you're going to get and you can't write that. They can't control the fans. It's good to see different and unpredictability.

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