Yes sir, we promised you a great main event...

Show opens with a recap of last week's Kane / John Cena angle.

Kane's pyro goes off and he heads to the ring. Kane says that everyone in the crowd lives with hate but refuses to embrace it, like John Cena. Kane said that Cena represents hope and success, but he should see his shortcomings like his unfulfilled dreams and it should anger him. Kane keeps ripping the crowd for not embracing the hate. He said the crowd made Zack Ryder a star, but that it means nothing and that he almost dragged him into the depths of hell. He said he wants consequences for refusing to embrace hate. John Cena's music hits.

Cena comes to the top of the ramp and wants to fight. He takes off his shirt and charges the ring. Cena then proceeds to knock Kane to the outside and the two battle up to the top of the ramp. They continue to fight to the backstage area, where Kane is beating on Cena and nails a couple of officials that are standing around for good measure. Kane continued to beat Cena down backstage and then took the fight outside. They continued to fight and Cena went down. When he recovered, he turned around and Kane was nowhere to be found. Cut to commercial.

Back from break and they recap the Cena / Kane backstage brawl that just took place.

Sheamus and Santino Marella vs. Jinder Mahal and Wade Barrett

Sheamus planted Mahal with a Brogue kick and then tagged in Marella, who hit the Cobra and got the win for his team. Santino and Sheamus celebrated after the match while Barrett glared from the ramp.

The Miz is backstage complaining to John Laurinaitis about R-Truth's contact attacks. Laurinaitis said that he had a lot on his place. Miz wants protection, and Laurinaitis tells Miz that he can find his own because he's not Little Jimmy, but "Big Johnny." Miz takes off and Laurinaitis started texting.

The first inductee into the 2012 Hall of Fame will be announced next.

Edge is announced as the first inductee into the 2012 Hall of Fame. A cool video recap of Edge's career aired. Jerry Lawler said that a second inductee will be named later tonight.

Backstage Miz is talking to Mason Ryan, seemingly asking him to be his bodyguard. Ryan walked off.

Backstage Zack Ryder is on the phone with his dad when Eve walked in. Eve asked if he was OK, and Ryder suggested they go out tonight since he doesn't have a match tonight. Eve said OK, but it will be after her match with Beth Phoenix and Ryder agreed. Ryder and Eve took off and Kane opened a door behind them after they left.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston

Bryan defeated Kingston via submission with the LeBell lock in a quick match. Big Show's music hit and he entered the ring. Bryan said that he hated how their match on SmackDown ended, and blamed Mark Henry for interfering. Bryan told Show he can have a title match whenever he wanted, and Show said that Teddy Long agreed and they will have their rematch this Friday in a no disqualification, no countout match. Show says, "good luck" and reaches out his hand. Bryan reluctantly agreed and shook Show's hand.

Chris Jericho will appear live later tonight, and CM Punk will face Jack Swagger. Brodus Clay's debut is next.

Highlights of Bret Hart and Lex Luger "co-winning" the 1994 Royal Rumble are shown.

Brodus Clay is introduced as the "Funk-A-Saurus." Clay comes doing a Heavy D/Flash Funk routine, complete with two backup dancers. Clay dances in the ring for a bit and then gets ready for his match.

Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins
Clay is channeling Dusty Rhodes big time in this match. Clay squashed Hawkins in a quick match with a flying cross body and then got jiggy with his backup dancers after the match.

Zack Ryder is backstage brushing his teeth and giving himself props for getting a date with Eve. He senses something and walks off.

Mis is talking to Epico, Rosa and Primo backstage but they leave. CM Punk walks by and laughs as Miz walks off.

WWE once again shows that they don't have faith putting Punk in the main event spot, his match with Jack Swagger is next.

CM Punk vs. Jack Swagger
Before the match could start, Laurinaitis came out and reminded the crowd that he's the special referee for Punk's match with Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble. Laurinaitis said that to show he's fair, Ziggler will face John Cena tonight and if Punk beats Swagger, then Swagger and Vickie Guerrero will be banned from ringside at the Rumble.

After a long match, Punk hit Swagger with the Randy Savage top rope elbow and the ref counted three even though Swagger kicked out at two. The ref said that Punk won the match anyway, so Ziggler and Vickie are banned from ringside at the Rumble.

Backstage Cena and Ryder are acting goofy. Ryder is thanking Cena for saving him for last week and noted that he was weirded out this week. Cena gave Ryder props for passing Miz with the number of followers on Twitter and told him to keep it together. Cena took off and Ryder nervously looked behind his back.

A WWE Network promo aired, but finished with just saying it was coming in 2012.

The Bella Twins are talking to Ricardo Rodriguez. Miz approaches him and tells him that he better call out R-Truth or he will have him join Alberto Del Rio on the injured list. He tells Ricardo to get going and Ricardo leaves.

The second inductee for the 2012 Hall of Fame is ... The Four Horsemen: Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and Barry Windham! Weird, since Ric Flair is already inducted... plus he's with TNA. We will have more shortly.

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring and drops some lame insults trying to lure R-Truth out. Ricardo says that Truth's breath stinks and his mother is ugly, and Truth's music hits. Truth comes out smelling his breath. Truth enters the ring and asks the crowd if he should let Ricardo go. Truth said that Little Jimmy wants him to turn Ricardo into a human pinata. He asks Ricardo to sing,"La Cookaracha" and Ricardo finally obliges. Ricardo starts singing and then gets into it. This guy is great, he even got a pop from the crowd after he finished. Truth asked for it one more time and Ricardo slapped him. Truth got crazy eyes and nailed Ricardo with his finisher. Miz ran in from the crowd and put a beatdown on Truth. Truth managed to recover and Miz hightailed it through the crowd.

Chris Jericho is introduced as the only man to defeat Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night for the World Heavyweight Championship Jericho comes out in the same lighted jacked as last week and makes his way to the ring. Jericho does the same schtick as last week, slapping hands at ringside and eating up the cheers in the ring. Jericho grabs a mic and the fans chant "Y2J." Jericho keeps egging the crowd on without saying anything. He then acts choked up and breaks down crying with this over-exaggerated cry. He is absolutely hilarious. Jericho continues to cry and then leaves the ring and continues to weep on his way to the back. The crowd hasn't completely turned on him yet and cheer him when he's at the top of the ramp. Great stuff again from Jericho.

Eve comes out for her match with Beth Phoenix. Before Phoenix is introduced, Kane's music hits. Eve leaves the ring and starts crying. Zack Ryder runs to the ring and grabs Eve and runs her to the back. He puts her in a car but the tire is flat. Ryder tries to change the tire, and it looks like it can take awhile. Cena vs. Ziggler is up next.

Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger for the U.S. Championship is announced for next week's RAW.

They show Ryder backstage fixing the tire.

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

During the match, Kane is shown attacking Ryder in the back. Kane proceeds to chokeslam Ryder off of the stage outside. Cena ran to the back during the match and is attacked by Kane. Kane then smothers him until he is unconscious and stands over him as the show goes off the air.

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