Source: TMZ

According to TMZ, Hulk Hogan is having some issues, following a doctor accidentally ripping out 50 stitches from his mouth. Back in October, Hogan had dental surgery for an implant. The doctor performed a sinus graft, placing a bone in the mouth to support the implant. But when Hogan went to his cosmetic surgeon to begin the implant process, the doctor ripped out 50 stitches from the donor bone procedure.

Since that time, Hogan has been dealing with several problems. His mouth had become infected, and antibiotics were not working. Hogan also had a CAT scan done, and when he got the results, they discovered that one of his doctors left a metal tack in his mouth. Hogan had to go to the hospital last night for surgery to remove the track and to clean out the infected mess.

When asked about the procedure, Hogan stated that, "They had to drill a f**king hole in my face!". Hogan is currently at home and recovering.

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