WWE NXT Results: A Rookie's Relentless Rage

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The opening video is new this week and it features the regulars of NXT instead of the previous one, about time. Matt Striker welcomes us to the show and tells us that next week is NXT's 100th episode. He says he's been bringing back some special guests, and this week he's bringing back someone from season 3. He welcomes Alicia Fox, so I'm guessing she was a pro on that season. Fox purrs as Striker messes with her cat-tiger head thing. He says that Maxine has done so well since returning to NXT and that Maxine was Alicia's rookie on season 3. Alicia says something about EBay, but Maxine's music plays and she comes out in ring gear. Walking down the ramp, she acknowledges Alicia, and she says this is her ring as she gets in it. She says Alicia is a waste of space, and Alicia says Maxine was stubborn during the third season and she still is. Striker tries to cut in, but Maxine tells him to "shove it Seacrest." Alicia says she was rude and asks Maxine how she is doing, or "who she is doing." Maxine says she's sorry that Alicia gets lonely at night. Maxine says she always ends up on her feet, but Alicia says she thought Maxine was more comfortable on her back and pushes her. Maxine says she's usually on top and tackles Alicia. Striker calls for a ref as the two girls are fighting each other. This impromptu match is about to start now.

Alicia Fox vs Maxine

Maxine pushes Fox in the corner, and they lock up. Fox does the splits but gets caught with a knee to the back by Maxine, who then locks in a Sleeper, but Fox Snapmares her over. Maxine quickly hits a boot to the face, but only gets a one count. Maxine hits some shoulder thrusts in the corner, then throws Fox across the ring. Maxine hits a European Uppercut and starts choking Fox with her foot in the corner. Maxine then jumps on Fox's back and locks on to her face. Maxine then slides down Fox's back and rolls her up, but Fox flips it and pins Maxine for the three count.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Fox celebrates with the fans at ringside as Maxine looks frustrated in the ring. Striker and Regal announce on commentary that Johnny Curtis and Maxine will get married next week. Striker then plugs Trent Barreta vs Tyler Reks, which will be next. We go to commercial.

Back from the break, Trent Barreta makes his way to the ring to little reaction. Tyler Reks is out next, accompanied by the cane-welding Curt Hawkins.

Trent Barreta vs Tyler Reks (with Curt Hawkins)

Reks quickly takes control with a kick to the gut, then some more strikes. Reks then Irish Whips Barreta and takes him down with a back elbow on the rebound. Barreta is able to take control with a Dropkick, then he goes up top, but Reks rolls out of the ring and regroups with Hawkins. This doesn't stop Barreta however as he hits a dive over the top rope on both Hawkins and Reks. Barreta gets back in the ring, but is met with a big boot for a two count. We replay that amazing dive as Reks pounds on Barreta in the corner. Reks then hits a Reverse STO, slamming Barreta into the middle turnbuckle for a two count. Reks then locks in a Quarter Nelson on a downed Barreta, but Barreta gets to his feet quickly, only to be slammed down by Reks. Reks misses a knee drop and Barreta hits some strikes, but gets caught with a Clothesline for a two count. Reks locks in the submission again, but Barreta once again fights back, but he is once again met with a kick to the gut, and Reks follows it up with a Scoop Slam. Barreta gets to legs up in the corner to take a running Reks down. Barreta then goes for a corkscrew moonsault, but Reks sidesteps him, and Reks starts taunting in the middle of the ring before picking Barreta up. Reks goes for the Burning Hammer, but Barreta reverses it into a Backslide for the three count.

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